Aug 08

Round table discussions

  • Dock Scheduling with new graphical user interface.
  • Carrier Metrics.
  • Customer portal with new graphical user interface.
  • Shippers’ Workshop on how to move to a process driven solution and the management reporting you need.
  • Brokers’ Workshop on how to move to a process driven solution and the management reporting you need.

Featured Sessions

  • Customer Presentation: Unisource.
  • Getting to the Next Phase of the Implementation – Geoff Milsom, Director, enVista | Mark Walus, VP Transportation Strategy & Procurement, RR Donnelley | Dale Carpenter, VP Transportation, DSC Logistics.

Functional Sessions:

  • MercuryGate overall product roadmap.
  • How to get the most out of our user documentation, webinars, training, support team and customer success managers.
  • Highlights of new & improved user interface components/elements/patterns (e.g., simplified lookup screens, form error handling, “data-rich” columns, multiple windows, etc.), and why these new designs are awesome for you!
  • MercuryFleet for dispatch, compliance and vehicle routing.
  • “It’s not your mother’s Carma”  A revitalized approach to carrier management.
  • Finding Carrier Capacity – how to configure TMS to support your secret sauce.
  • All Things Sourcing – Easily finding carriers for both contracted and brokered loads. (MercuryProcure and Load Sourcing)
  • RateFriend is the most versatile rate index you will find. Whether you require spot rates or batch analysis, RateFriend is your singular solution.
  • Load Building and Mojo Live!
  • Intermodal inside and out!
  • Carrier and Customer Invoice features/highlights for accounting velocity introducing customer collections/new carrier auditing/Rating from Invoice/settlement workflows as well as Vendor Rating/invoicing management. LSP only
  • Accounting supporting functions – Cash Advance, Cost Allocation/Margin, Commissions, Modifying Rates, GL Codes. LSP only
  • Carrier features/highlights for accounting velocity with Cost allocation/Margin/Self Pay/Rating from Invoice and Settlement workflows as well as Vendor Rating/invoicing management. Shipper only
  • Rate Management – The leading solution in the marketplace, stays in front with the latest rating advantages. Topics include the recent LTL re-weigh, classify, dim rating methods, item rating, and bulk along with productivity advancements for the more familiar rating methods.
  • Parcel as part of the Enterprise TMS Worldwide!
  • International Shipping – The most powerful International TMS that you didn’t know you had.
  • Freight Forwarding from a standard best practices implementation to full custom solution you and your agents.
  • New features of Mojo as well as Mojo integration to 3rd Party software (Other TMS’s, WMS, ERP’s.)
  • Managing your transportation network by exception. Control Tower visibility. Real time tracking.
  • Inbound Transportation alone and in combination with Outbound Transportation

Technical Sessions

  • Leveraging Dynamic Rulesets for Simplifying Your Business Workflows.
  • Data Management: Defining the System Of Record (SoR) for your integrated people, processes and information.
  • Data acquisition strategies for efficiently onboarding your Customer, Vendor, and Partner information.
  • Regression testing automation, QA, sandbox, and managing the TMS.
  • Data Mining your TMS: Leverage your data for a deeper understanding of your business and supply chain.
  • Web Services.
  • MercuryGate Data Portals
  • Systems Integrations : ERP integration (Purchase Orders, Customer Orders, Finance, WMS), multiple ERPs
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Controls for Advanced Users