Monica Wooden

CEO / Co-Founder

Monica Wooden

Monica B. Wooden is CEO & Co-Founder of MercuryGate International, Inc. Monica is a dynamic leader and skilled strategist, who has “done it before”. Monica has steadily developed MercuryGate into what customers and analysts say is one of the most sophisticated and possibly the most flexible TMS solutions available today and has carved out a unique place in the market where other TMS developers said it was not possible.

Despite the fast-paced growth, MercuryGate remains a flat organization that has not strayed from its TMS roots. Monica has created a culture of passionately delivering very successful, customized business solutions for each of her clients while building a high level of customer satisfaction. MercuryGate supports its clients to meet their strategic goals while overcoming the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace.

Her drive to make a positive contribution to the world has been passed on to her employees by making it their mission to streamline the global supply chain, one client at a time. The bonds forged with clients speak for themselves, as they become MercuryGate’s greatest advocates.

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