In today’s job market, your students need every advantage that they can get – not just a college degree, but an understanding of real-world problems and appropriate solutions. At MercuryGate, we’ve been solving transportation problems for leading shippers and third-party logistics companies since 2000. Not only were we one of the first to offer transportation software in a SaaS model, but we now support over 90,000 users – 75% of which are logistics service providers with their own customers – a day on our applications.

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For Students

Learn how to solve realistic business challenges utilizing the MercuryGate software suite. Participate in student career placement opportunities and internships through MercuryGate customer partners.

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For Educators

Use the MercuryGate software suite for special research projects or to provide business consulting. Take advantage of opportunities for speaking engagements, case studies, and co-authored publishing.

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Yes, absolutely free. Our customers have asked us to provide this service to give tomorrow’s supply chain leaders a better understanding of logistics technology and increased exposure to real world situations and industry best practices.

We’ll provide our software to you, free of charge, to use with your students or for your  projects. We’ll even provide training and help you configure the software.


“Earlier this morning, I was offered an internship with Accenture for supply chain management position. At the interview, I talked about the tutorials we have been assigned in this class and how we are learning about incorporating such a system in the real world. This set me apart from the other candidates and became one of the main ways that I was a competitive and allowed me to get the internship!”
- Former Central Washington University Student