MercuryGate’s proven TMS technology has long been supercharging shippers and logistics companies. MercuryGate TMS opens doors to new growth opportunities while controlling costs related to managing shipments. MercuryGate customers are free to open up new lines of business and negotiate special terms with their clients, knowing their TMS will support those initiatives.

Finally, a single solution for transportation management that offers you the freedom to say, “Yes” to new opportunities for growth and expansion.

MercuryGate’s wide-ranging and expanding list of functional capabilities includes:

  • Supports all modes, including: Parcel, LTL, TL, Rail, Air, Ocean, and Intermodal
  • Useful for small companies with low volumes to large global conglomerates with huge volumes
  • Manage brokerage business regardless of mode for any business perspective from a small sales force to a nationwide agency model
  • Supports all types of freight management business models including buy/sell, management fee, gain-share and more
  • Manage global shipments and operations
  • Supports optimization across all modes, even parcel, across all your clients or subsidiaries
  • Customers access the information you want them to see from the web and can create their own quotes and track progress
  • Dynamic process flow allows the system to grow and change with your business and your customer’s business

But it’s more than functionality that helps customers close the business equation related to their MercuryGate TMS investment. ROI comes fast because our solutions are so adaptable to customer environments and budgets. That’s because multiple solution delivery options are available with rapid customization, a sophisticated enabling architecture, a modular approach, and extensive integration capabilities.

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