MercuryGate TMS supercharges businesses with rapid time to value using the following:

Rapid Implementation

  • Quick to get up and running in the system
    • Allows users to get into the system and validate model
    • Allows business to assess fit and prove value
    • Transfers our business process knowledge of TMS implementations to MercuryGate customers
    • Supports 3PL with multiple customers as well as shippers with a transportation control center (centrally managed, operationally distributed)
  • Quick to bring on new customers, divisions, etc.
    • Reuse of configurations, contracts, carriers, partners, etc. allows for quick boarding of new customers
    • Open architecture allows loading of data easily from spreadsheets, data feeds, etc.
  • Expedite evaluation of potential customers
    • Respond to RFPs using system tools to reduce manual, tedious work Get a more concrete view of profitability of different models with a potential customer
    • Typical implementation is 45 to 90 days

Configurable for Different Models and Processes

  • Supports multiple 3PL revenue models for a diverse customer base
    • Supports buy/sell rating with margins and profit (if allowed to see)
    • Allows gain share model showing current and base rates as well as savings, etc.
    • Enables brokerage, including brokerage out to customers as well as brokerage out to carriers
  • Support for various/unique customer processes
    • Configurable parameters allow robust system customization
      • Inherits to customers as appropriate unless overridden
    • Configurable process activity definition allows specific control for processes
      • User may define predecessors and successors to activities as well as required tasks
      • Process step may trigger events such as messaging, etc.

Configurable/Customizable Reporting

  • Customize operational reports/screens
    • Create custom screens for users/customers that support customer process
    • Extract specific information in the appropriate format
    • Schedule reports to run, extract, email for users
  • Create tactical reports
    • Create summary reports
      • Users may drill down to specific details on a report
    • Customize for users/roles/customers, etc.
    • Schedule reports to run, extract, email for users
  • Develop analytical reports
    • Carrier scorecard
    • Lane analysis
    • What-if analysis
    • Customizable KPI reports

Reporting is dynamic enough to support the variety of reports that transportation professionals use daily

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