Welcome, MercuryGate customers!  We’re here to help you make the most of your MercuryGate TMS solution.

Transportation-related solutions are mission-critical – and when you need immediate assistance, we are there for you. 100% Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. MercuryGate has summarized our support approach below to ensure that the communications between our companies are efficient, effective and consistent.

Project Transition

MercuryGate’s Implementation Team will work directly with you throughout the TMS implementation. After you start using the TMS for live shipments, your implementer will formalize the transition of your account to the MercuryGate Customer Support Team. The transition process will involve representatives from both MercuryGate and your organization. During the transition stage, we will walk you through the details of our customer support processes. You will have the opportunity to discuss with the MercuryGate support personnel the uniqueness of your business and systems.

Client Support

MercuryGate offers 24/7 assistance available via e-mail, phone or ACE (MercuryGate’s internal project and support visibility tool described below). Our support line is staffed by technicians educated in industry and support needs who combine that knowledge with the specifics of your system(s). Our first line support techs have immediate access to internal expertise (hardware, databases, software, third party solutions, etc.) should the need to escalate your resolution be necessary. Our preferred approach is as follows:


Higher priority reactive needs (System Down, Operations Slowed)
24X7 call toll free (877) 537-6419. For international, please dial 011 prefix.


Lower priority reactive needs (System needs tuning or configuration settings changed)
Send all requests to: support@mercurygate.com

ACE Entry

Proactive needs with lower priority (Training questions or new account work)
Your implementer or customer support tech will provide a username and password for personalized access to the system. If you have access already to ACE, click on ACE System on the left side of the screen and open a task and please assign it to Client Support.
Regardless of the method that your support request is entered, the task will become visible with our ACE customer support and project management tool. We will attempt resolution within the following goal-times:

Priority Level Response Time Correction Time
Priority 1 Thirty (30) minutes Four(4) hours
Priority 2 Four(4) hours One(1) day
Priority 3 Twenty-four (24) hours Next Scheduled Release

Get additional training at one of our upcoming classes

View schedules, descriptions, and enroll in one of the MercuryGate feature courses. The curriculum has been designed to support a full range of business needs and has been tailored to new users through advanced expert users. Training is available in our classrooms in Cary, NC, at your location and online via WebEx. Our training classes have proven over time to be a beneficial investment, allowing our customers to achieve a quick and significant ROI.

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