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3PL Broker FF Shipper

Date Time (EST) Subject
July 26 (Wednesday) 11:00 AM MercuryGate TMS for Global Shippers
July 27 (Thursday) 2:00 PM MercuryFleet for Integrated Fleet Management

Demo Descriptions

Accessing the TMS Data Warehouse

There’s power in the data created and stored by the TMS if you know how to get to it and use it. This session will describe multiple ways to access the data warehouse for analysis and reporting. Whether you’re a casual user needing to query history files or a business analyst looking for opportunities for process improvement, you’ll find this session very helpful.

Accounting/Finance for Shippers

This session will examine allocation of transportation costs to the correct cost center as well as different ways that costs are divided or assigned during the rating process. Determining your allocation base to accurately view margins for financial reporting purposes. Concluding with our financial roadmap which includes a new partnership for Imaging solutions.

This session will discuss the ability to drive a Self Pay model with charge management as well as how to make the TMS work to automate the settlement process; thus reducing the overall touches on the finance side of the business.

Carrier Capacity for Shippers using (private bid boards, quotes, rate indexing and carrier management)

Learn how successful shippers use the MercuryGate TMS to locate carrier capacity and negotiate the best available rates for every shipment. We’ll highlight the use of rate indices, bids and spot quotes, access to public boards and the use of private bid boards to rapidly identify the best mode, carrier and rate.

Creating Custom Documents Using Docmosis

Do you know you can easily create and modify your own custom transportation documents? This demo will show you a tool called Docmosis to create templates in MS Word and upload to the TMS for regular use.

Document Generation

This session will describe the latest options available to TMS and Carma. Topics will include use of Docmosis for custom document creation, use of cloud storage for document archival, and use of custom email templates for document distribution.

Document Scanning Solutions from Pegasus

Go paperless and improve operating efficiency, speed cash flow, increase profit and drive consistent results by creating images, electronic forms and Workflow Solutions. TRANSFLO, an integrated solution from Pegasus provides document management and electronic workflow solutions.


If you’re a broker or shipper you’ll want to see how this service will help you find reliable carriers for your loads. If you’re a carrier, you’ll see how FreightFriend matches your capacity with your “friends” loads. FreightFriend is the social network for the transportation industry!

Integrated Shipment Visibility Using FourKites

FourKites provides real-time supply chain visibility and logistics solutions across multiple transportation modes and digital platforms. Learn how using FourKites allows shippers, brokers, and carriers to share the same, real-time truck location and shipment status information – from on-board systems in the largest commercial fleets to individual owner-operator cellphones – with a smartphone app and cell tower triangulation. Bypassing check calls and EDI, FourKites saves time and money across the transportation spectrum.

How APIs are Driving New Levels of Automation and Visibility in the Supply Chain

The power of automation is revolutionizing the supply chain, and digitization is becoming a crucial element to remaining competitive. Rather than managing multiple, expensive legacy technologies, project44’s LTL offerings provide instant access to normalized capacity provider data (rating, transit time, dispatch, visibility, document retrieval) directly within a user’s TMS Interface. Learn how project44’s APIs can accelerate your business, and enable you to outpace your competitors.

HubTran Streamlines Payables and Customer Invoicing

Transportation companies have learned to live with back-office frustration and inefficiency. Now you don’t have to. HubTran will get your back office moving like never before, with less effort and lower cost than you ever imagined.

HubTran offers an affordable way to completely streamline your back office. Learn how HubTran can reduce your payables and receivables work by 80%, eliminate errors and data entry, improve carrier relations and slash inbound calls to A/P.

Leveraging User Voice

MercuryGate clients contribute so many great ideas for enhancing the software, we needed a better way to collect and prioritize them. If you’re a current client and want to have a voice in the direction of products, attend this session and learn just how simple it is.

Linking the Supply Chain with MercuryGate TMS

Learn how the MercuryGate TMS connects carriers, customers and vendors to your supply chain. We’ll discuss how the TMS securely shares information between your systems and your partners to manage the process and maintain visibility.


GPS based Smart Phone App to track freight in real-time every 5 mins & eliminate check calls. Receive automated pickup & delivery confirmations; accurate ETA alerts; Fully Compliant EDIs that helps reduce your operational cost. Above all, drivers love it!

What makes Trucker Tools’ Load Track loved by both Brokers and Truckers?

  • Only App that’s completely AUTOMATED
  • Most Accurate geofence alerts for pickup & delivery
  • Handles all types of loads – TL/LTL/Multi-stop and intermodal
  • Two-way communication with the driver
  • Many free tools for the drivers – Drivers love it!
  • Doc scanning & proof of delivery and many more

Manage Freight Claims with MyEZClaim

A fully integrated freight claims process has long been a part of the MercuryGate TMS solution using Transolution’s popular MyEZClaim web based service. Learn how to utilize this powerful tool to track and manage claims with optimal efficiency.

Mercury CRM for Transportation

In this demo, we will show the TMS’s CRM for Transportation features that can be used standalone or linked to external CRM applications. Ensure proper vetting of all sales leads and log the details of who was contacted and who needs to be contacted.

MercuryGate Carma for Carrier Management

If carrier management is a key part of your transportation processes, don’t miss this demonstration. Learn how to efficiently evaluate the carriers you use and to automate the critical information updates for carriers of all modes.

MercuryGate Conversion to Multi Everything

Efficiently managing complex loads yields big savings. MercuryGate TMS excels at managing multi-leg, multimodal, multi-cost center load plans. This demonstration will take you through some scenarios that involve consolidation of shipments, multi-pick/drop loads, pool points, back hauls and cost allocation to illustrate where savings occur.

MercuryGate Controls for Advanced Users

Learn how the MercuryGate TMS is customized to meet every client’s unique requirements. We’ll discuss and demonstrate how to configure the interface, design a custom business process and integrate with other systems. You’ll be introduced to the Dynamic Rules Engine Workbook and its easy-to-use interface for step-by-step instructions to create complex workflows.

MercuryGate Data Portals

Sharing knowledge electronically with trading partners is critical to your supply chain solution. The MG Data Portal provides the window you need to track, report and audit data transmissions across all your trading partners. This session will show you how to leverage the MG Data Portal for visibility into the velocity, volume and variety of your electronic communication messages, ensuring you maintain your competitive advantage across customer, carrier, and vendor integration channels.

MercuryGate Documentation

Join us for a discussion of the resources that are available to you to learn more about the product ​and get the most out of your MercuryGate solution. This online session will focus on how you can navigate the new extranet site and quickly find answers to your questions on the MercuryGate suite of products.

MercuryGate Finding Carrier Capacity

Learn about the many ways the MercuryGate TMS helps you locate available carriers. This session will showcase FreightFriend, Carma, load boards and other methods to identify carriers that can help quickly cover loads.

MercuryGate Hosting Services and Monitoring

Learn about MercuryGate’s SaaS Environment, including descriptions of the existing Data Center locations. We’ll describe each data center, including the responsibilities of MercuryGate and the hosting providers. You’ll learn how the SaaS enterprise is monitored, including the tools used to create alerts and track trends. We’ll discuss MercuryGate’s disaster mitigation solution and why customers should opt for a Disaster Recovery strategy. QA and DR options will be described, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Lastly, you’ll learn about MercuryGate’s security initiatives.

MercuryGate Integration for Rapid Deployment

The faster the TMS is available and integrated with your other systems, the faster you’ll be saving money. This session will show you how the MercuryGate Integration Team facilitates seamless data sharing by connecting your existing systems with the TMS.

MercuryGate Mojo Transportation Optimization

See how Mojo, MercuryGate’s transportation optimizer, uses actual rates, contracts, locations and shipment data in automated processes to manage costs and maximize profits. Simultaneously manage inbound and outbound while looking for backhauls. See how to run what-if analysis and simulations and how to manage your carbon footprint.

MercuryGate Optimization for Shippers with Parcel and LTL

This demonstration of the MercuryGate TMS will showcase the ability to plan across all modes while highlighting the ability to optimize parcel and LTL shipments. We’ll show you how to leverage optimization strategies such as consolidation, pooling scenarios, backhauls, and zone skipping to minimize miles and cost. You’ll learn how MercuryGate TMS users find the best rate for all modes, book their loads, print labels and track their shipments. We’ll also cover the freight audit and payment process for every mode involved, including parcel.

MercuryGate Parcel as part of Enterprise TMS

Learn about the advantages of including parcel shipments in your transportation planning. This session will demonstrate advanced capabilities such as how to create multi-leg loads that involve parcel for zone skipping. We’ll discuss multi-carrier parcel support and how to make sure you’re always selecting the best available parcel carrier for every shipment.

MercuryGate Product Roadmap Review

Join us as we detail the enhancements made over the last quarter, and provide the roadmap of what is coming next quarter and beyond. Existing offerings and new product offerings will be featured.

MercuryGate RateFriend

In this demonstration you will learn to quote rates with confidence and compare your rates with others using MercuryGate’s RateFriend. RateFriend separates customer rates and carrier rates to show you average and min/max rates for lanes all over the world utilizing any mode and any equipment type.

MercuryGate TMS Accounting focus for LSPs

Learn how to use the MercuryGate TMS to allocate freight costs, reconcile invoices, pay commissions, and create invoices. We’ll also address integration with common brokerage accounting systems like QuickBooks and Great Plains.

MercuryGate TMS for 3PLs

We will demonstrate how to effectively plan, execute and settle against a multi-client base using the MercuryGate TMS. Learn about TMS features like ezClick workflow automation, route optimization and cost allocation that will make your company more competitive and impact your bottom line.

MercuryGate TMS for Bulk Shipper Transportation

Shippers of bulk products with their unique requirements for transportation planning and execution won’t want to miss this demo. You’ll see how the omni-modal MercuryGate TMS supports the necessary equipment types and process deployed by shippers of fluids, minerals, grains and other bulk items.

MercuryGate TMS for Brokerage

In this demo, we’ll focus on how companies use MercuryGate TMS to manage a brokerage business. See examples of managing truckload, LTL and intermodal shipments and learn how to automate workflow processes with ezClick to eliminate process steps while also reducing manual data entry errors.

MercuryGate TMS for Broker/Freight Forwarder Agents

Learn how MercuryGate TMS supports freight forwarders with the coordination of complex transportation processes, often including multiple legs, modes and logistics partners. The demo will also show users how to achieve centralized management of global trade compliance and to automate manually intensive processes.

MercuryGate TMS for Food & Beverage Shippers

This demonstration will introduce you to how MercuryGate TMS delivers real world solutions for food & beverage shippers. You’ll see first-hand how to use an advanced Transportation Management System to plan and execute complex multi-leg, multi-modal shipments across multiple cost centers. You’ll learn how to locate capacity in a constrained market, how to keep track of shipments, optimally plan your transportation network, collaborate with suppliers, carriers and customers.

MercuryGate TMS for Freight Forwarders

See how the TMS supports Freight Forwarding import and export from process workflow to document flow and how best to perform these functions. Learn about the features of the TMS that facilitate ocean and air shipments across borders.

MercuryGate TMS for Global Shippers

If you manage shipments across water or across international borders, you’ll want to attend this session. We will cover ocean and air scheduling, rating, booking, tracking, customs filing, generating documentation and freight invoice audit & settlement.

MercuryGate TMS for Inbound Transportation

Learn how to use the MercuryGate TMS to overcome the unique challenges of inbound transportation management. From route guides to optimization, we’ll demonstrate the tools for reducing costs of inbound freight.

MercuryGate TMS for Intermodal Shipments

Rail freight services are easy and accessible to everyone with the right tools. MercuryGate TMS provides a step by step, workflow driven solution from start to finish for Rail and Intermodal freight transportation. Schedules and rates are easily selected, door to door status messages are presented from all carriers with multiple methods included EDI and CLM updates. Tender both your simple door to door routes as well as your multi leg routes, with 1 simple click.

Everything you need for quick and compressive rail transportation is right here, ready to streamline your process.

MercuryGate TMS for LTL Brokerage

In this demo, we will show how to use the MercuryGate TMS to manage a LTL brokerage business. See examples of how to use the TMS to locate capacity and manage 100% of your client’s LTL shipments.

MercuryGate TMS for Manufacturing and Distribution Shippers

This demo will show how MercuryGate TMS enables manufacturers and distributors to manage and track end-to-end movements of goods, inbound from suppliers all the way to the end customer. Learn how to utilize MercuryGate TMS to find ways to contain supply chain costs and improve efficiency throughout your network.

MercuryGate TMS for Parcel Mode

MercuryGate provides multiple ways to utilize multi-carrier parcel functionality within the TMS. This session will detail the different methods and which one to use and when to use them. Zone skipping, hundredweight shipments, and end of the day processing will be discussed.

MercuryGate TMS for Retail Transportation

Retailers and those who participate in the retail supply chain will learn how the MercuryGate TMS is used to simultaneously rate, plan and optimize inbound and outbound shipments. See how all trade partners have access to visibility and collaboration through control tower visibility and analytics, that ensure rapid and reliable delivery throughout the supply chain. We’ll demonstrate how the MercuryGate TMS is used to manage the Purchase Order release process, route responses and supplier compliance reporting managing transportation from PO to the store shelf.

MercuryGate TMS for Shippers

This demo shows how MercuryGate TMS helps shippers be Smarter, Stronger, Faster and Better with advanced and easy to use solutions for planning, optimization, execution and settlement. Learn how MercuryGate’s cloud-based solution leverages the power of an integrated logistics network while providing a single platform to support all modes, including parcel. You will see how shippers can leverage the same tools as brokers to access an extensive range of options to find capacity.

MercuryGate TMS Reporting & Business Intelligence

Learn how to access and analyze your transportation data in real time to thoroughly understand the current status and trends. Create on-demand reports, schedule the distribution of reports and build easy-to-read executive dashboards.

MercuryGate TMS for TL Brokerage

In this demo, we will show how to use the MercuryGate TMS to manage a TL brokerage business. See examples of how to use the TMS to locate capacity and manage 100% of your client’s LTL shipments.

MercuryFleet for Integrated Fleet Management

Learn ways to immediately improve the efficiency of your fleet by attending this demo, introducing MercuryFleet. This innovative technology is tailored for asset-based carriers, asset light carriers and private shipper fleets. MercuryFleet includes driver and equipment management, FMCSA compliance, and cost analyses tools to supplement your TMS solution.

During the MercuryFleet demo, you will see examples of maintenance scheduling, dispatch and driver pay solutions as well as other capabilities designed to help you manage your fleet.

MercuryProcure for Advanced Transportation Sourcing and Procurement

If you’re involved in sourcing logistics services you already understand the unique challenges that come with automating the process. Fortunately, so does MercuryGate and we’ve developed MercuryProcure just for you. This demo will introduce you the industry’s first procurement solution designed especially for transportation professionals.

Mileage Determination using PC*MILER

ALK Technologies will demo their core product offerings that are enabled through the MercuryGate TMS. Members of ALK’s team will be available to answer your questions about their products and current features and functionalities.

Mobile and MercuryTouch Applications for Remote TMS Access

This demonstration will show you how to make effective use of the MercuryGate TMS mobile application for rate shopping, tracking, proof-of-deliveries, and reporting. Also, learn how to use your iPad or other touchpad devices to keep an eye on your transportation processes no matter where you are. MercuryTouch is a “dashboard” for easy viewing of all your critical data and reports coming from the TMS.

Mojo Live!

Mojo Live! allows you to create optimal loads on-demand in a real-time environment. See how users can leverage the power of optimization embedded within their workflows. This demonstration will show how to quickly and effectively consolidate shipments and build loads that minimize cost and miles while meeting delivery requirements – all without leaving the load screen in the TMS.

New Product Enhancement Process

Ever wonder how MercuryGate decides what will be in the next product release? This session will explain how every MercuryGate client can offer suggestions for enhancements and affect the future direction of the products.

Plan Air Shipments Using Integrated OAG Flight Schedules

If air cargo is a part of your business, you’ll want to attend this session. Learn how the integration of the OAG air cargo flight schedules with the MercuryGate TMS enables you to select the best available flight for all of your shipments.

The Power of Carma and RMIS Carrier Insurance Monitoring

You might already know how useful Carma is for onboarding carriers and managing carrier information but did you know you can connect to 3rd party data sources? In this demonstration, we’ll introduce you to the most widely used carrier insurance monitoring service and how you how to include insurance data for carrier compliance using Carma and RMIS.

Real Time Location Tracking with MacroPoint

Learn how to track shipments in real time using mobile devices in the vehicles carrying your shipments. MercuryGate Partner, MacroPoint, will show their integrated solution for tracking shipments.

TMS Activity Logging and Performance Monitoring

Keeping the TMS securely operating at peak performance requires close attention to system hardware, network, database, and application performance. This session will describe the tools and processes used by the MercuryGate Operations Team to maintain optimal performance and protection of the hosted TMS.

Web Services Integration

In this session, you will be given a detailed introduction to using the TMS Developer API and will also learn the important differences between internal and external web services. MercuryGate can interface with external systems via web services calls. On the flip side, other systems can also invoke features from MercuryGate via web services calls. A routine example of an external system invoking MercuryGate services is for rating.

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