This course covers the basics of contract creation and editing, setup of modern alt rating and older rate tables, negotiated lanes, accessorials, transit times and distance determiners, and the other nuts and bolts required to make a TMS contract work.

The course is presented in several stand-alone online modules. Students taking the course for certification must take quizzes after some modules and must complete a hands-on lab to create a working contract in the TMS.

Course modules

(the “Customer Contracts” module is optional in the shipper track):

Introduction to the Contracts Course
Note on the New TMS User Interface
Contract Creation, Editing, Basics
Lanes (Negotiated, Enterprise, Geo)
Rating (Modern ‘Alt’ Version)
Viewing and Working with Contract Lists
Distance and Transit Time
Customer Contracts
Online Contracts Lab
BONUS MODULE – Why Won’t My Contract Rate?
BONUS MODULE – Other Contract Types
BONUS MODULE – ‘Standard’ Rating & Accessorials