Students who complete the coursework and pass a final examination will be certified for access to dynamic ruleset creation and testing on their subscription QA server instance. Client-created, client-tested dynamic rulesets then can be promoted to the client’s production server via an Ace task.

This is an advanced class that assumes knowledge of TMS operation and workflow principles. Participants in the class will study dynamic ruleset workflow design, best practices and troubleshooting skills. Clients who seek to design their own dynamic rulesets are assuming the associated risk.

Conditions for the class:

  1. Client enrollment requires the approval of MercuryGate’s CEO.
  2. Enrollment and certification also require client access to a subscription QA server.
  3. Certification is issued only to individual user IDs for specific servers, not to generic user accounts such as ‘admin’. Certification is not transferable.

Course Modules

Students alternate between demonstration modules containing “now you try it” interactive exercises in the Litmos system, and hands-on lab work performed on a “learning” TMS server.

Introduction to Dynamic Rulesets

First Look
Lab – First Look
Lab – Editing
Lab – Creation
Lab – Configurations
Lab – Design #1
Triggers & Conditions
Lab – Triggers & Conditions
Lab – Design #2
Lab – Actions
Lab – Design #3
Metadata & DRS Management
Lab – Metadata
Lab – Design #4
Lab – Design #5
Instructor Progress Review
Best Practices and Troubleshooting
Lab & Quiz – Troubleshooting Exercises
Workflow Tour
Lab – Workflow Tour
Lab – Debug Console
From QA to Production
Course Survey – Dynamic Ruleset Certification
Dynamic Ruleset Certification Exam