Goal: The goal of this class is to familiarize the new super user to the base system functionality from operations to settlement.

Class Organization: Each video section include an overview, or concept, module which introduces the topic and provides a demonstration. Upon completion of a video, a lab allows the user to familiarize themselves with the topic reviewed. An assessment is at the end of all videos and labs to gauge his or her own understanding of the topic.

Access to the Class: Upon registration, users will be sent a login link to the learning management system (Litmos) which will allow them each to create a password for the site. Depending on the class, the user may be able to begin work immediately.

Support for the Class: Support is provided both through the application, which allows the user to send a message directly from the application. Additional resources, such as labs and other documentation are provided through the class Litmos.

System Requirements: Users should log in from a computer which has Adobe Flash installed with a monitor set at 1024×768 resolution.

Course Results: Users who successfully complete the course may download a certificate at the end of the course.

Length: Everyone assigned to this course has 3-4 days to complete it from the day that it is assigned.


Topic 1: Basics & Navigation

Topic 2: Creating Loads

Topic 3: TMS Rating

Topic 4: Finding Capacity

Topic 5: Tendering

Topic 6: Tracking

Topic 7: Carrier Invoicing

Topic 8: Customer Invoicing

Exceptions Workflow:

Topic: 9 Tender Reject/Expire

Topic 10: Reconsignment

Topic 11: Cash Advances

Topic 12: Detention

Topic 13: TONU

Topic 14: Diverting Items

Topic 15: Hot Routes

Testing Your Comprehension