This class introduces the student to the MercuryGate TMS and day-in, day-out logistics workflow. The course is available in two editions: the legacy “ezClick” interface, featuring windows called “portlets” and blue-button workflow, and in the new “ezVision” interface of the TMS introduced in 2017.
The course consists of video modules alternating with hands-on lab exercises that are performed by students on a demonstration TMS server.
Upon registration, users will be sent a login link to the learning management system (Litmos) which will allow them each to create a password for the site. They also will receive an email to their demonstration TMS server for performing the hands-on lab exercises.
Users who successfully complete the course may download a certificate at the end of the course.
  1. First Look at the TMS
  2. Creating Routes/Loads
  3. Rating
  4. Finding Other Carrier Capacity
  5. Tendering & Booking
  6. Tracking & Delivery
  7. Carrier Invoicing
  8. Customer Invoicing
  9. Common Exceptions
The newer “ezVision” edition of the course also includes a module on “multi-everything” relationships between routes, shipping orders and execution loads, and use of the “Load Builder” interface for shipping order and execution load consolidation.