About Us

MercuryGate International’s mission is to create world-class transportation management system (TMS) solutions that are the perfect marriage of new technology and real-world dynamics. We believe in speed to market, speed to implement, speed to integrate at a Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). That’s the MercuryGate way.

Our Inspiration

MercuryGate’s inspiration is to provide a high-quality Transportation Management System at an affordable price to all industry segments, large and small.

The MercuryGate Solution

Designed as an Enterprise solution focused at the operations level to manage mission-critical logistics, planning, optimization, execution, and settlements.  MercuryGate TMS in the cloud automates an evolutionary path for revolutionizing the shipment management process. A TMS provides the common data and message sharing offered by pure exchanges and based on the actual transaction versus today’s translation. Data is no longer duplicated across the Enterprise, and data-mapping expense is reduced or eliminated. Users share a common execution platform and view the same data, at the same time, in the same format in a true operations level, collaborative environment. Proactive capabilities allow practitioners to focus on exception management.

MercuryGate’s designers also know that new solutions can be cost prohibitive for many organizations. Because of this, MercuryGate provides a low-cost and low-risk method of implementation. This allows logistics managers to realize rapid time to value without the large initial investment typically associated with new technology solutions. MercuryGate’s single platform open architecture enables rapid delivery of new product ensuring that MercuryGate Clients continue to operate in a best of breed technology environment.  Let MercuryGate help you automate and grow your business and enable you to meet your ever-changing market requirements.

The Future

The transportation industry is poised to leverage new technologies to enable smarter decisions and superior customer service and MercuryGate is leading the way. The cloud is the future and is here to stay.  MercuryGate has built its platform from the ground up to be in the cloud and to be deployed in a multi-tenant shared or dedicated environment.  Users leverage the power of MercuryGate’s transportation network to tap into a ready-made community of logistics trading partners to manage their complete transportation network.  This enables not just connectivity but enables a collaborative workflow that transcends enterprise borders to ensure seamless transportation planning, execution, and settlements.

MercuryGate continues to invest in research and development to leverage the latest technologies such as in-memory data grids, big data, mobile and UI technologies to capture the next S curve of efficiency gains. MercuryGate is also continuously expanding its eco-system of technology partners who bring niche capabilities such as telematics, GPS, geo-mapping and other technologies that enable MercuryGate to be one step ahead of the competition.

MercuryGate’s commitment is to deliver a system that is always one generation ahead of its time to support your transportation management requirements – a solution for today and tomorrow. Take a look inside the MercuryGate TMS to experience the future of transportation management.  Request an online demo now.

Our focus is customer satisfaction through product perfection. With our unparalleled architecture, we deliver a world-class, single platform, multimodal transportation management system that enables your business to make rapid business decisions with confidence.