Company History

Our time in the trenches proves that a successful supply chain strategy empowers users to create and execute shipments while making cost-saving decisions on a daily basis. The key is universal access to real-time, centralized information.

MercuryGate’s solution represents the perfect marriage between new technology and real-world dynamics. We believe in speed to market, speed to implement, and speed to integrate. That’s the MercuryGate way.

  • The Genesis of MercuryGateThe Beginning

    Supply chain professionals have a dizzying array of transportation management solutions to select from. Unfortunately, many of these choices were developed from a technological or purely academic perspective. They provide functions without a complete understanding of the real world challenges of the operations and processes they need to support. The result? Overly complex installations with unnecessary multi-step methods and screens.

    Coming from operational backgrounds, the designers of MercuryGate’s Transportation Management Suite (TMS) launched their own logistics careers on warehouse floors. There they developed an up-close, hands-on understanding of the challenges facing today’s shipping practitioners. They were often “victims” of ill-advised, mandated technology decisions that decreased efficiency and increased cost. Typically, other “make-shift processes” were pieced together and benefits, if any, were never realized.

    These complementary backgrounds merged to create a transportation management solution for a large electronics company with extremely complex, high volume transportation needs. The highly successful system began saving the company millions of dollars as soon as it was implemented. The team continued to enhance the technology and add new functionality. This solution continues to be a cornerstone of the company’s distribution process.

  • Consulting Experience

    By consulting with domestic and international companies – many of which were large enterprises – MercuryGate was able to develop leading-edge alternatives that blended technology and process into successful strategies and solutions. These engagements brought the team face-to-face with broad representation from all the involved parties faced with transportation management concerns, including prominent shippers, major carriers, and complex logistics companies across many industries. This allowed them to gain more valuable experience by working closely with representatives from all areas of the logistics market – from executives to the shipping dock employees – and further enhanced the team’s general industry knowledge.

    Frustrated in their search for real solutions that would actually work and solve modern day transportation problems, transportation managers had to either use one-sided systems (from a shipper view or a carrier view, but rarely both) or those that were “webified” by throwing an Internet front end on top of existing, siloed applications. “Cost Savings” meant automating existing inefficient processes. “Network Based” resulted in large, proprietary, inflexible, and costly batch applications. Underlying architecture supported one-to-one relationships or at best one-to-many. What shippers lacked was a strong many-to-many transportation management system that could serve as the backbone for a comprehensive value driven solution.

  • The Vision

    Through their research and consulting, MercuryGate’s designers uncovered the potential for enormous value in a solution designed and delivered for the Internet from the ground up. They knew that such an application would require a completely new design using the latest Internet-based technology, allowing companies of any size to benefit from its use. They recognized that a revolutionary new approach was needed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the transportation arena.

  • The MercuryGate Solution

    Designed as an operations level, mission-critical, planning and execution logistics solution, MercuryGate TMS automates an evolutionary path for revolutionizing the shipment management process. The TMS provides the common data and message sharing offered by pure exchanges and based on the actual transaction versus today’s translation. Data is no longer duplicated across the enterprise, and data-mapping expense is reduced or eliminated. Users share a common execution platform and view the same data, at the same time, in the same format in a true operations level, collaborative environment. Proactive capabilities allow practitioners to focus on exceptions.

    MercuryGate’s designers also know that new solutions can be cost prohibitive for many organizations. Because of this, MercuryGate provides a lower cost and lower risk method of implementation. This allows logistics managers to realize immediate results without the large upfront outlays typically associated with new technology solutions. MercuryGate’s executive management team recognizes that there will be an ongoing cost for new technology requirements as they continue to develop in the logistics arena, and the company has built an open solution that will grow with the industry and enable exciting changes and opportunities. MercuryGate can help your business grow and prosper by letting you do more with less.

  • The Future

    Technology and the Internet are often seen as the saviors of logistics problems. While simple data sharing in common formats is an important step forward, it does not necessarily change the inefficient processes that created it or the resulting downstream errors. MercuryGate understands this dynamic and combines new technology with new business processes to help companies tackle their pressing transportation management problems.

    MercuryGate offers a solution created from the ground up… a multi-enterprise, operations level solution built and designed for the Internet and equipped to deliver a real supply-chain solution to a very real logistics problem. Our commitment is to deliver a system to support your transportation management needs. Come take a look at us and see the future.

MercuryGate International… a solution for today and tomorrow!