Redwood Logistics, one of the fastest growing logistics companies in North America, is a privately held top-100 provider of a wide range of strategically integrated services that include asset and non-asset based freight movement, outsourced transportation management, logistics engineering, and B2B systems Integration.  As a certified MercuryGate Logistics Integrator, Redwood starts each day with the vision of making their customers great.  Redwood integrates with their clients on multiple levels.  On a technical level, Redwood believes quality integrations are the key to any technology investment.  Combined with MercuryGate’s best in class TMS, Redwood’s integration competency ensures shippers receive maximum ROI in the shortest possible timeframe.  On a human level, Redwood believes people drive their success.  Redwood integrates into their customer’s supply chain network as a trusted extension of their team.  Redwood also connects with their customers on a personal level, enabling them to understand their customer’s business and consistently drive value year after year.
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Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions is an established Logistics Service Provider who has built their service portfolio exclusively on the MercuryGate platform. As a certified MercuryGate Logistics Integrator, Rockfarm has leveraged their industry experience, business acumen and deep technological competency to service a diverse and growing base of shippers in North America. Founded in 2008, Rockfarm has taken their MercuryGate competence, industry expertise and flexible solution offering to provide shippers with security and peace of mind in their transportation projects.  Rockfarm has consistently demonstrated competence in the creation and operation of complex and diverse supply chains, successfully integrating MercuryGate solutions across multiple industries and software platforms.
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