Intermodal shipments are a breeze for MercuryGate TMS, which deftly manages the sophisticated data requirements, capacity, schedule synchronization, and rapid communication tools associated with multi-leg modes of shipment. MercuryGate TMS enables the planning, execution, and management of the entire intermodal network.

Already in use by many industry-leading service providers, MercuryGate TMS is an enterprise-wide, multi-modal, end-to-end transportation management system. When processing single shipments that use multiple modes between origins and ultimate destinations, MercuryGate’s robust intermodal functionality provides a competitive edge that no other TMS can offer.


Simultaneously view each leg of separate shipments on a map while detailed information provides potential pooling or consolidation opportunities.

Intermodal Shipments in MercuryGate TMS

Plan intermodal moves with world-class pricing and rating engines that account for the intricacies of intermodal transportation. Select or assign carriers based on service type, safety record, transit time, linehaul/accessorial rates, or a combination of these factors Optimize and consolidate partial loads, combine separate shipments into one container, automatically dispatch, and maintain quality control with MercuryGate’s innovated, real-time, exception management tools.

MercuryGate’s well-established EDI capabilities and relationships provide track and trace capabilities through each phase of the intermodal process. Manage your entire transportation network in a single system and let the power of MercuryGate TMS take your intermodal shipment management to an elite level.


Automatically flag and consolidate separate orders or loads into one intermodal shipment.

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