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MercuryGate TMS can move parcel operations beyond simply “Print the label and put it on a truck”.  The same full-featured MercuryGate TMS  used for other modes manages large volumes of parcel shipments too.  Multiple parcel carrier rates, service levels and label formats are available to the user so the best option is always available.

All Modes, One System

With MercuryGate enterprise TMS you gain ultimate control over every penny spent in your global logistics operation. No longer will you classify your shipping operations as “parcel” and “everything else.” MercuryGate TMS manages and optimizes your entire transportation network, parcel, LTL, TL, rail air or ocean, both domestically and internationally.

Optimization in all directions

Making your supply chain and shipping processes mesh sounds easy, but it’s not easy to do. Deploy MercuryGate TMS and you’ll start to see immediate savings on your inbound shipments. In fact, many of our clients turn their outbound shipping costs into profit centers. Take the first step in exploring a true best of breed enterprise TMS today by requesting a live demonstration.


Here are just several examples of how MercuryGate TMS for parcel shippers can be utilized:

Service Level Optimization

With so many services offered in the parcel industry, making an intelligent decision for every shipment is difficult. Automate service selection and get shipments to their final destinations according to your specific deadlines – without overpaying for the wrong service.

Mode Optimization

When is LTL a better option than hundredweight – or vice versa? Take out the guess-work out of mode selection with MercuryGate TMS, which provides every available option to move your shipments.

Zone Skipping

For many shippers, zone skipping is confusing and time consuming. Save thousands of dollars by letting the MercuryGate TMS tell you when and how you can benefit from employing this method of multimodal optimization.

Before Zone Skipping  After Zone Skipping
parcel-before parcel-after
Audit & Freight Bill Discrepancy Visibility

Are you frustrated with trying to keep track of never-ending parcel invoices that don’t match their original manifests? Perhaps you don’t even know that your carrier added invalid accessorial fees and up-charges. MercuryGate TMS for parcel shippers automatically tracks and alerts you about unexpected invoices fees.


  • And Many Other Value-Adding Features…
    • A true Global Solution
    • Optimize by mode
    • One system does it all
    • Electronic communication to parcel carriers
    • Multiple rates stored in system
    • View across facilities
    • Vendor inbound movement visibility

One TMS does it all – AND you have options

Our professional implementation consultants assess your company’s unique solutions requirements and delivers the precise balance that it needs. From rate sourcing and manifest processing to label generation and carrier selection timing, MercuryGate TMS is configurable to meet your needs.

What about Scalability?

MercuryGate TMS for parcel shippers is a platform designed to fit your specific configurations. Today you may ship zero packages, but tomorrow you’re fulfilling an order with 200,000 different ship-to addresses. If your company fits this description – or falls anywhere in between these two extremes – then MercuryGate is a perfect fit. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, MercuryGate TMS is used by organizations worldwide to streamline the parcel shipment industry. As the market leader in configurable Transportation Management Systems, our solution works to fit the needs of companies of all shapes and sizes.

How do you ship?

Upon determining your configuration requirements, you are not bound to the limitations of a typical TMS. MercuryGate TMS for parcel shippers can be set up in a way that best fits your needs:

Web Service MercuryGate Fusion MercuryGate Extreme
Fast Faster Fastest
Label Provided Produces Label Requires Label
Rates Returned Use Your Rate Table Use Your Rate Table
Requires Certification Utilizes Remote Routing Call Requires EOD Certification
No EOD Process Required Requires EOD Certification Necessitates EOD Certification
Single Rate Structure Multiple Rate Structures Multiple Rate Structures
No Local Server Required Use Your Local Carrier Server Use Your Local Carrier Server

Whether you currently have advanced systems integration with your parcel carrier or no existing integration at all, MercuryGate TMS for parcel shippers can be seamlessly implemented to fit your preferences.Worry Free Integration with Parcel Carriers

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • USPS
  • TNT
  • Purolator
  • Even label integration: Eltron, Zebra, Thermal, & More

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