Whether importing or exporting FCL, LCL or groupage type containers, MercuryGate’s enterprise TMS gives logistics professionals complete control over the entire ocean transport process. Book a steamship line, generate all required documentation, track the shipment while in transit, and settle all appropriate charges with MercuryGate TMS.

The TMS breaks each route down to its individual building blocks while maintaining an overall view of the movement. Legs, activities, and containers are planned and managed as the goods move through the transportation chain.

Managing Ocean Movements – Transportation Legs

MercuryGate’s enterprise TMS delivers comprehensive, multimode, multi-leg management. The process begins with the shipment and the container(s). The shipment may require multiple legs, including:

  1. Door to origin port
  2. Origin port to destination port
  3. Destination port to railhead
  4. Railhead to railhead
  5. Railhead to door

Different carriers can perform each of these legs and be paid in different currencies. All the costs of each leg are captured, with total landed cost maintained within the TMS. This landed cost can be shown in any currency.

Screen shot of US Import including multiple legs delivering a shipment and container

Managing Ocean Movements – Activities

MercuryGate’s enterprise TMS delivers robust, user-specific workflow management capabilities. Each step in the shipment lifecycle may require certain activities. For example, a user may be required to perform an activity by a planned date and at a particular location.

Each activity’s cost can be included in the total landed cost of the movement. Activities include customs clearance preparation, import/export documentation, 10+2 filing, creation of delivery orders, various vendor payments and many more. A sample workflow could be:

  1. Door to origin port
    • Steamship line booking
    • Creating paperwork (MBL, HBL, commercial invoice)
    • Filing export documentation
    • Supplying 10+2 info to US Customs
  2. Origin port to destination Port
    • Steamship line payment
    • Preparation of customs clearance
  3. Destination port to railhead
    • Delivery order creation
  4. Railhead to railhead
    • Monitoring updates
  5. Railhead to door
    • Delivery order creation
Screen showing workflow activities, responsible parties, planned dates, locations, etc.

Managing Ocean Movements – Visibility

MercuryGate TMS’ control tower visibility gives top-down and bottom-up end-to-end shipment visibility of multimodal, multi-leg shipments for all trading partners. The control tower captures data operationally from various parties and centralizes management capability while continuously monitoring the status of all the events.

Using the Russian doll concept, MercuryGate TMS maintains the link between containers, skids, cases and units – to the serial number level. MercuryGate refers to this as its “golden thread” – complete visibility at any time in the shipment life cycle.

This decision support and operational tool enables rapid, automated, real-time responses to shipment status and customer demand changes. The information gathered throughout this process provides the data necessary for rich analytics and sophisticated event management and reporting.

Map showing route of inland China move. Map may be displayed based on any mark or identifier such as container number, SKU, etc.

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