MercuryGate enterprise TMS combines modern, configurable, cloud-based technology to manage one of the earliest means of freight transport–rail. Using a single, powerful transportation management platform, companies can optimize entire networks of containers, transload sites, rail cars, drayage sites, unit assignments, and ramps. In addition to its top-down, end-to-end rail management solution, MercuryGate TMS supports all other modes, allowing for unlimited intermodal optimization.

Prevent scheduling errors when planning containers or rail cars capacity; events are flagged if a scheduling conflict occurs.

Managing Rail Transportation in MercuryGate TMS

Maintain consistent control during rail planning processes with multi-leg routing options, multi-pick and drop capabilities, power and capacity planning, multiple equipment type uses, and dock/ramp scheduling. Rapidly execute shipments with time-saving pricing and shipment templates, variable automatic tendering options, and load/equipment consolidation tools.

Track and trace at multiple levels, including zone, SKU, full train or multiple cars, individual railcars, or any other equipment types. Monitor events and manage exceptions with automatic alerts for activities such as in-gate/out-gate notifications, transit delays, drayage transactions, loading and unloading, and pickup or delivery at each stop. Quickly process invoicing cycles with automatic charge approval and denial rules, in-transit billing modifications, and other enhanced accounting tools to efficiently process each transaction.

MercuryGate Mobile (foreground) showing a status message added from a drayage provider, with the corresponding real-time update (background) in MercuryGate TMS.

Additional MercuryGate TMS Rail Management Features & Capabilities

  • Variable origin and destination rating templates
  • Re-rating historical legs with current rates
  • Live rating via schedules, contracts, or special pricing quotations
  • Interlined rail moves
  • Connection between all Class 1 railroads MercuryGate TMS
  • Drive tendering to other parties when needed
  • EDI CLM tracking messages
  • In-Gate/Out-Gate workflow options
  • Variable charge calculations for fuel, per diem, linehaul, or other items
  • Load matching by origin code, destination code, service, route description, equipment, and equipment owner, or date range

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