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The concept around successful Truckload planning is simple: find the right truck, in the right location, at the right time at the best price. However; consistently executing each load in this manner is every transportation professional’s biggest challenge. Brokers specializing in truckload management, multinational shippers with their own logistics division and start-up 3PLs all leverage the MercuryGate TMS to provide the advanced technology to find the right carriers at the right time and place.

PLAN and optimize truckload shipments based on selected parameters.

Visibility with Control

Within the transportation industry, visibility is only valuable when coupled with speed. As an “industry-first” to integrate with load-board pioneers such as TransCore/DAT-360, MercuryGate continues to set the bar partnering with strategic technology partners. In doing so, MercuryGate combines a best-in-class TMS with many of today’s best web-based load-boards such as Internet Truckstop, PostEverywhere, 123LoadBoard, and GPS411. MercuryGate innovations such as this give clients a competitive edge by creating synergy with their current capacity-sourcing techniques.

PROCURE more carriers in less time with MercuryGate’s advanced public and private load board integration.

Built For Speed and Usability

One of a truckload specialist’s most important tools is their TMS dashboard. With MercuryGate’s robust and flexible portlet structure, not only do users have time-saving tools at their fingertips, they can refine their unique processes. Even pick-list values can be customized so a user’s particular portlet contains data applicable to specific clients or businesses. Similarly, item catalogs and address books can be set up to display client-specific information.

Manage truckloads simultaneously for real-time quality assurance. Drill down into flagged exceptions for detailed information and resolution options.

Additional MercuryGate TMS Truckload Features

  • Carrier portlets allow carriers to provide status, capacity, bid on loads, and submit documents
  • Use any type of reference to find a quotes, even displaying multiple records with shared references
  • Instead of manual entry, quotes can be electronically uploaded from other external sources
  • In many text boxes, keystrokes are reduced by progressively narrowing available choices as data is entered
  • Fleet backhaul capabilities
  • EzClick functionality greatly simplifies (or nearly automates) common tasks such as sending rate confirmations
  • FreightFriend Plus integration available
  • Portals can automatically determine cube, counts, and weight
  • Order fulfillment via electronic interface (EDI, ASN, BAPI, iDoc, XML, CSV, Excel, JSON, flat and custom files)
  • Shipments can be immediately tendered or staged for Mojo Optimization
  • Tender and track on the same XML connection

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