Successful logistics companies are Smarter, Stronger, Faster, Better than the competition. With a single powerful TMS supporting them, these supercharged 3PLs say “Bring it on!” to the limitless possibilities to grow their companies. Whether starting up a new brokerage operation, managing small parcel shipments, freight forwarding or providing international transportation services, leading 3PLs have found the way – MercuryGate TMS.

Growing logistics companies lean on the MercuryGate TMS to rapidly respond to new client demands. Using the remarkably easy-to-use interface and application integration, they quickly configure services to maximize value for all of their clients. The total cost of ownership of the cloud-based software-as-a-service is surprisingly low. The initial investment required to launch is rapidly recouped. You’ll be wondering why you waited so long to get started.

Critical to any 3PL business is the need to:

  • Deliver multiple services with a single scalable platform
  • Rapidly onboard new clients
  • Negotiate rates and select the optimal carrier
  • Simultaneously optimize inbound and outbound shipments globally
  • Provide control tower visibility and decision support
  • Allocate fully landed costs, audit & pay invoices, and pay commissions
  • Rely on powerful analytics and reporting
  • Configure workflows, user roles, and interfaces

“MercuryGate’s leading transportation management software, Trinity created opportunities for
operational savings between 10-30 percent of overhead expenses.”
Trinity Transport, Inc., Director of Logistics Sales

Smarter, Stronger, Faster, Better than the Competition

You know those people who always find a way to win? Even when they’re going up against a larger opponent, they manage to succeed. They’ve found “it” – that X-factor that gives them an advantage. Winning logistics service providers have the best people and MercuryGate TMS to supercharge their business to make them Smarter, Stronger, Faster, Better!


Having information at their fingertips about rates, capacity and carrier viability makes top producing 3PLs smarter than the competition. With powerful analytics tools to evaluate historical rates and industry trends easily available, they maximize their profit on every load. Knowing details about the carriers enhances their service while reducing exposure to unnecessary risk.

Outsmart your competition using MercuryGate TMS.


Supercharged 3PLs optimize loads and margins across all of their clients – large and small. They consolidate loads and allocate costs across clients and send invoices according to each client’s unique contract terms. This flexibility empowers the 3PL to negotiate winning contracts that maximize profitability.
Do you have the flexibility to negotiate winning contracts? The Strong 3PLs answer, “Yes. We use the MercuryGate TMS.”


For a 3PL, onboarding new clients quickly reduce the time to new revenue and profitability. It also gets the new client relationship off to a good start. Leading 3PLs are able to bring new clients to the service within days or weeks – not months, years or never. They configure special processes and load client data quickly and show positive results so fast that clients ask, “How did you do that?” Supercharged 3PLs answer, “It was easy. We use the MercuryGate TMS.”


Freight management companies who can quickly respond to new client requirements – no matter how advanced – put themselves in a position to win. Want to offer brokerage services? How about a parcel or international transportation management? Delivering new services with custom configured processes, regulatory compliance, or global trade opens doors to new business.

Supercharged 3PLs have what it takes to win. They use the MercuryGate TMS.

A Global TMS That’s Always There for You

A TMS that offers tools for success to 3PLs, freight forwarders and brokers has to be easy-to-use and available anywhere to be truly called “a Single Platform TMS”. The MercuryGate TMS steps up and delivers on this promise with its cloud-based architecture that supports any browser, anywhere a connection to the Internet exists.

Selecting the best TMS is a critical decision for your business. The best choice is one that delivers limitless possibilities to expand both volumes and services while managing profitability every step of the way. Successful 3PLs say “Yes we can” when clients present new demands.

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