Successful freight brokerage companies are Smarter, Stronger, Faster, Better than the competition.  They are “supercharged” businesses that broker their clients’ LTL, truckload and intermodal loads through the use of an affordable and easy-to-use solution in the cloud – MercuryGate TMS.

Critical to any Brokerage business is the need to:

  • Rapidly onboard new customers and enter loads
  • Quickly locate capacity using internal and external sources
  • Validate carriers & rates to reduce risk and improve margins
  • Track loads door-to-door
  • Manage buy and sell rates and margin analysis
  • Settle invoices quickly
  • Provide optimal customer service!

Limitless Possibilities

Saying “yes” to opportunities sets leading brokers apart from the competition.  When opportunities arise – no matter how complex, they say, “We use the MercuryGate TMS  –  we can do that.”  These supercharged Brokers aren’t limited by their TMS.  They are Smarter, Stronger, Faster, Better!

“With the flexibility that MercuryGate TMS offers, I was able to build out what I had envisioned for our brokerage offering without having to go to our programmers or pay MercuryGate to build what we needed.”

Blue Grace Logistics


Having real time access to rates and capacity information makes top producing brokers smarter than the competition.  With historical rates and industry trends easily available they maximize their profit on every load.  Knowing details about the carriers enhances their service while reducing exposure to unnecessary risk.

Supercharged brokerage companies outsmart the competition using MercuryGate TMS.


Supercharged brokerage companies have the ability to reliably locate available capacity to cover every load for their clients.  Can you maintain rates and other information about the carriers you use?  Can you connect to load boards?  Can you get spot quotes when you need a competitive rate?

Strong brokerage companies answer, “Yes.  We use the MercuryGate TMS.”


The key to being a supercharged broker is speed.  Quickly entering loads and using a pre-configured workflow process to rapidly cover every load with the best available carrier and rate can be the difference between survival and explosive growth.

When clients ask if you can handle their loads quickly and effectively, say “Yes.  We use the MercuryGate TMS.”


Companies who are able to react to client requirements – no matter how advanced – put themselves in a position to win.  Want to offer both truckload and LTL brokerage services?  How about intermodal brokerage or even freight management services?  MercuryGate TMS opens the door to all these possibilities, and more.

Be better than your competition with the freedom to say “Yes” to new client opportunities.

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