Attend a live demonstration of MercuryGate products from anywhere. All you need is a browser and Internet access.

One of our product experts will lead you through a demonstration that will show you how robust, flexible, and easy to use MercuryGate products are! In addition, you will see leading edge best practices to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Finally, at the end of the demonstration, you will have the opportunity to ask our product experts any questions you may have.

Email with the title of the demonstration(s) you would like to watch. We will send you instructions to connect and discover powerful solutions built just for companies like yours.

Product Demonstrations Recommended for Brokers

MercuryGate TMS for Brokerage

In this demo, we’ll focus on how companies use the MercuryGate TMS to manage a brokerage business. See examples of managing truckload, LTL and intermodal shipments and learn how to automate workflow processes with ezClick to eliminate process steps while also reducing manual data entry errors

MercuryGate TMS for LTL Brokerage

In this demo, we will show how to use the MercuryGate TMS to manage a LTL brokerage business. See examples of how to use the TMS to locate capacity and manage 100% of your client’s LTL shipments.

MercuryGate TMS Accounting focus for LSPs

Learn how to use the MercuryGate TMS to allocate freight costs, reconcile invoices, pay commissions, and create invoices. We’ll also address integration with common brokerage accounting systems like QuickBooks and Great Plains.

MercuryGate TMS Reporting/MercuryEdge

Learn how to access and analyze your transportation data in real time to thoroughly understand the current status and trends. Create on-demand reports, schedule the distribution of reports and build easy-to-read executive dashboards.

MercuryGate RateFriend

In this demonstration you will learn to quote rates with confidence and compare your rates with others using MercuryGate’s RateFriend. RateFriend separates customer rates and carrier rates to show you average and min/max rates for lanes all over the world utilizing any mode and any equipment type.

MercuryGate Carma for Carrier Management

If carrier management is a key part of your transportation processes, don’t miss this demonstration. Learn how to efficiently evaluate the carriers you use and to automate the critical information updates for carriers of all modes.

MercuryGate Finding Carrier Capacity

Learn about the many ways the MercuryGate TMS helps you locate available carriers. This session will showcase FreightFriend, Carma, load boards and other methods to identify carriers that can help quickly cover loads.

Mobile and MercuryTouch Applications for Remote TMS Access

This demonstration will show you how to make effective use of the MercuryGate TMS mobile application for rate shopping, tracking, proof-of-deliveries, and reporting. Also, learn how to use your iPad or other touchpad devices to keep an eye on your transportation processes no matter where you are. MercuryTouch is a “dashboard” for easy viewing of all your critical data and reports coming from the TMS.

MercuryProcure for Advanced Transportation Sourcing and Procurement

If you’re involved in sourcing logistics services you already understand the unique challenges that come with automating the process. Fortunately, so does MercuryGate and we’ve developed MercuryProcure just for you. This demo will introduce you the industry’s first procurement solution designed especially for transportation professionals.

MercuryFleet for Integrated Fleet Management

If you operate a fleet you won’t want to miss this demonstration. You’ll be introduced to the first ever fleet management solution that’s integrated with MercuryGate TMS. See examples of maintenance scheduling, dispatch and driver pay solutions that will immediately improve the efficiency of your operations.

MercuryGate C3 for Brokerage: CRM, Carrier Advances, Commissions

In this session we’ll demonstrate some of the more advanced TMS features for brokers. You’ll learn how to manage your customer contact list with CRM for Transportation, how to pay commissions to your sales reps or agents and how to accommodate advance payments to the carriers you use.

MercuryGate TMS for Parcel Mode

MercuryGate provides multiple ways to utilize multi-carrier parcel functionality within the TMS. This session will detail the different methods and which one to use and when to use them. Zone skipping, hundredweight shipments, and end of the day processing will be discussed.

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