Designed to meet the needs of brokers, 3PLs, and shippers, MercuryGate Carma mitigates unqualified carrier risk, expedites new carrier onboarding, and gives your operations users access to all of your carrier information at the click of a button.

Beyond mere data management, Carma collects data, approves carriers, analyzes carrier capabilities, and creates alerts when conditions require your attention. With MercuryGate Carma, you can easily automate every detail of carrier data management from onboarding to carrier selection.

Get More From Carma:

Integrate seamlessly with MercuryGate TMS workflow

 Evaluate carriers to ensure compliance

 Mitigate liability with current audited carrier data

 Manage carrier data centrally with minimal resources

 Easily configure and create detailed carrier reports

 Onboard new carriers quickly with a 100 percent hands-off process

Carma, MercuryGate

Streamline Carrier Onboarding

Adding new carriers is quick and easy with Carma. The system steps you through the process and can integrate with outside data sources to load data and keep it current over time. Carma integrates with leading carrier onboarding and carrier monitoring services including RMIS,, DAT CarrierWatch, and Carrier411. With the integration of these services, Carma users benefit from highly automated processes.

Make Carrier Selection Easy and Fast

With Carma, you can tender loads with confidence knowing that the carriers you have selected meet your required specifications in a wide range of areas:

Safety ratings
Insurance coverage and limits
Operating authorities
Quality of equipment
Financial strength
Contract terms
Hazmat qualifications
Lanes served
Driver qualifications

Carma users quickly narrows the list of potential carriers to handle a specific load, eliminating the need for mass emails, increasing efficiency throughout the carrier selection process. Carma also enables users to audit, qualify, and maintain vendor information.

With accurate information about each carrier’s locations, equipment, and preferred lanes, the MercuryGate TMS will have everything it needs to suggest the best carrier for every load you ship.

Proactively Manage Carrier Risk

With it comes to carrier management, due diligence is no longer an option. Carma allows you to limit carrier selection to only fully vetted companies, and monitor the changing status of carrier qualifications. And, with Carma, you can create a report of all your carriers whose insurance will expire in the next 30 days. If a carrier is out of compliance, they are automatically inactivated from the TMS, and then reactivated once the compliance issue is resolved.