Consolidate Carrier Information from Multiple Sources

  • Enter data directly into Carma via a web interface
  • Use web portals for carriers to enter and edit data
  • Import data using a standard XML loader format
  • Integrate with RMIS, DAT and Carrier411 to update insurance data in real time
  • Synchronize carrier data with the TMS

Configure Carma for any Company

  • Provide secure internal and external web access with defined roles and users
  • Adapt user interface to customer specific nomenclature
  • Configure company-centric workflow

Organize Carrier Data by Category

  • Carrier’s company and contact information
  • Safety ratings and incident reports
  • Diversity ratings
  • Current and historical insurance records
  • Equipment types and availability
  • Terminal locations
  • Driver details, licenses and safety data
  • Reference information
  • Information about activities related to the carrier
  • Information about certifications held
  • Listings of preferred lanes
  • Hazardous materials capabilities
  • Relevant financial data
  • Types and current status of licenses held
  • Resources available (e.g. drivers, loading equipment, etc.)
  • Technical capabilities for connectivity (e.g. EDI support)

Manage Workflow Process and Events

  • Manage unique business processes in response to events. For example:
    • Setting a carrier as inactive when a conditional safety rating is received
    • Providing proactive notification prior to carrier’s insurance expiration
    • Revoking load tenders in response to a change in carrier’s status
  • Manage tasks assigned to users across the entire carrier base and keep track of the current workflow by capturing:
    • The type of task (i.e. monthly carrier reporting)
    • Task assignment (i.e. assigned to account rep)
    • Current status of the task (i.e. in process)
    • Planned date and completion date
  • Administrator access to configure workflows and communication methods, such as:
    • Sending emails or reports (using admin-configurable templates)
    • Synchronizing data with external systems (i.e. TMS)
    • Updating carrier and driver status
    • Adding a review note

View Carrier Data with Carma’s User Interface and Configurable Reports

  • Navigate carrier data records with intuitive navigation menu
  • Color coding scheme to draw attention to exceptions
  • Drill into information with detailed reports
  • Edit multiple records with one click
  • Configure your company’s reports with desired content
  • Sort by any field in the report
  • Easily export any report to a spreadsheet on your desktop

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