International TMS Infuses Simplicity into a Complex World

Operating in an extremely complex, manual, paper-driven environment that involves multiple languages and currencies, freight forwarders rely heavily on “individual knowledge” to move shipments through the international shipping maze. MercuryGate’s international TMS gives forwarders the tools to automate the right processes while sharing data easily with partners and agents, thereby bringing visibility and simplicity to a very complex world.

“Europe has many regionalized TMS product offerings. My company was looking for a world class tool to meet the needs of European countries and beyond.  MercuryGate was a logical choice because of its on-demand deployment and extensive features for their service provider customers.”
Managing Director of N.V. Log S.A

Why MercuryGate is the Vendor of Choice for Freight Forwarders

Comprehensive Trade Compliance

For all government regulations to be met, restricted party screening, license determination and management, duty and tax calculation, and document determination must take place early in the planning cycle. MercuryGate TMS eliminates avoidable delays that would otherwise be encountered further downstream in the process.

Complex, End-to-end International Multi-leg Shipments

Planning for shipments that span multiple countries can be complex and often requires multiple legs, such as rail, dray, ocean and air. MercuryGate TMS seamlessly optimizes these legs, enabling you to maintain control over costs and single-system visibility to the entire transaction. Consolidate LCL shipments into full containers and reduce costs using MercuryGate’s transportation optimization software.

Carrier Schedule Planning

Rail, ocean, and air modes introduce an additional level of complexity to transportation planning: schedules. MercuryGate TMS integrates schedule data from leading providers to ensure your shipments depart and arrive on time. Link your contracts to these schedules to make sure all of this takes place at the most economical cost possible.

Shipment Execution Life Cycle

Generating and uploading documents, booking with carriers, tracking shipments while in transit, and settling invoices are all vital components of the shipment execution process. MercuryGate TMS provides a customizable workflow engine that creates, assigns, and tracks activities at the user or group level. By effectively managing these activities in a single system – and by utilizing the same toolset for compliance, optimization, and scheduling – you can minimize delays and more efficiently measure carrier performance.

Localization of the User Interface

Multilingual, multi-currency, multi-UOM are all constants for global trade transactions. Operating in the cloud, MercuryGate TMS offers user-level localization so all parties can communicate with each other in their own languages and currencies.

Reports, Analytics and Alerts

It’s been said that, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” MercuryGate applies this axiom across the entire transportation network chain. From the cockpit, inspired MercuryTouch reports to the built-in historical rate search engine, MercuryGate TMS, and offers analytics that truly impact day-to-day operating decisions. The automated in-alerts keep you informed about everything from late shipments to past-due work assignments for a given user.

Financial Management Toolkit

Currency conversions, unexpected accessorials, and unidentified charges all complicate accurate tracking of buy/sell financials for a given shipment. MercuryGate TMS’ rate quoting portal provides your clients with a self-service quote request application as well as a bid request and management tool for your carriers. The client invoicing module provides ultimate flexibility in covering the true shipment costs while the carrier invoicing module provides visibility and control over questionable charges. The cost allocation module captures fully-landed cost and allocates all appropriate costs to the item level. Pay commissions and track margin on a shipment-by-shipment or office-by-office basis.

TMS in the Cloud

Working with third parties is a necessity in global trade transactions, but you don’t have to be limited by your software’s installation boundaries. MercuryGate TMS operates in the cloud, enabling all agents and partners to participate in the screening, execution, and clearance process in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

SaaS or Local Deployment

The choice is yours. Most clients choose to start in a multi-tenant SaaS environment hosted in MercuryGate’s SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type II certified data centers, but you can also install the enterprise TMS in your own data center. Regardless of which option you select, you will receive the same best of breed product and first-class support.

Rapid Implementation Equals Rapid Time to Value

Many new implementations of MercuryGate TMS are operational in four to six weeks. Templates and “inherited” objects, such as carriers, contracts, locations, vendors, and customers, enable you to phase in business operations at your convenience while giving you the quickest deployment options in the industry. MercuryGate TMS is a proven, rapid means of achieving real return on investment.

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