Whether you are a business using a private fleet to meet your transportation needs, a common carrier with a large fleet serving multiple customers or a logistics provider using a combination of both, you manage:

  • Drivers
  • Equipment
  • Operations

Now, you can manage all three with one powerful technology solution, MercuryFleet. This innovative technology will help you realize benefits in each area as well as streamlining your entire fleet/transportation management process.

Smarter – Protect your safety record by analyzing driver performance, predicting CSA scores

  • Analyze driver performance based on history of accidents, incident, and violations
  • Leverage algorithms used by Driver Safety Management System to predict driver scores
  • Proactively address issues and potential interventions from FMCSA

Stronger – Improve fleet efficiency through exception management of drivers and equipment

  • Manage by exception for maintenance, inspections and registration expirations
  • Avoid breakdowns by proactively managing service cycles
  • Expedite repairs with easy access to specifications and warranty information

Faster – Optimize transportation execution and improve asset utilization

  • Enable two-way communication drivers via mobile applications
  • Track equipment in real time with control tower visibility
  • Optimize combination of private fleet and common carriers

Better – Eliminate redundancy with one system for drivers, equipment, and operations

  • Eliminate redundancy in business processes and data entry with an integrated TMS and Fleet Management system
  • Manage by exception across your entire transportation network- drivers, equipment, and operations
  • Enable efficient operations and make smarter decisions with comprehensive visibility

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