What it does What you can do
Aggregate pre-populated driver data including
• License and citizenship
• Certifications and training
• Qualification documents
• Compliance events
• Available hours
Easily access qualified drivers to handle loads – in every location every day
Automated Notification of driver status change Manage by exception and know that you are making dispatch decisions based on up-to-date driver data
Automated Notification of accidents violations and citation Determine if action is required involving an individual driver due to performance
Calculate driver measures and percentiles using algorithms and logic used in the Driver Safety Management System (DSMS) the system used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) Proactively address issues before they become critical potentially avoiding an FMCSA intervention
Aggregate and pre-populate equipment data. Including:
• Registration
• Documentation
• Specifications and components
• Service and warranty
• Tracking
Manage equipment service schedules reduce downtime due to unexpected repairs and cut costs of outsourced service by fully using all warranty options
Access Mojo load optimization as part of your MecuryGate TMS. Including modeling of
•  Vehicles
•  Domiciles
•  Driver schedules
•  Service requirements
Develop routes and plan inbound and outbound simultaneously moving each shipment as efficiently and economically as possible
Use one advanced tool to manage
•  Drivers
•  Equipment
•  Operations
Eliminate redundancy create a seamless workflow execute effectively and efficiently

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