Big Data Meets a Big Solution

Powerful Business Intelligence for Transportation Management

Now is the time to break away from costly and inefficient data extractions and step away from time-consuming spreadsheets.

Adopt a more sophisticated approach to use analytics. With MercuryMaestro, you will get a level of data insight that is unprecedented for the transportation and logistics industry.

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Companies using analytics are 5x more likely to make faster business decisions


MercuryMaestro is the latest in business intelligence software built specifically for transportation services and fleet operations.
MercuryMaestro Features:
  • Generate more value from the data you already have
  • Access timely, current operational data
  • Accelerate insights and decision making
  • Proactively manage operational workflow
  • Set role-based permissions for easy data sharing

Reduce costs of data collection and analysis

Develop and share reports with your colleagues

Simplify complex data with visually appealing dashboards

Self-develop additional analytics capabilities

“MercuryMaestro is like a “Tableau for TMS” solution, providing users with an easy to use, very graphical, and dashboard-driven approach to analyzing transportation data.” – Adrian Gonzalez, President at Adelante SCM & Founder/Host of Talking Logistics

Empower your organization to turn raw data into business-critical insights

Shipper Dashboard

Volume Analysis – Filters by mode, carrier, supplier, lane, product, and customer
Performance Analysis – View metrics by carrier, supply, lane, product, and customer
Improvement Analysis – Automate trend analysis for service and costs, lists of anomalies and failures
Financial Analysis – Explore total freight bill and breakdowns by custom, lane, mode, and carrier, as well as operational costs and savings
Automated Reporting – Schedule reports for a pre-defined timeframe and export your reports for a variety of formats

Logistics Services Provider Dashboard

Faster Decision Making – With the power of the most up-to-date business information, you can make faster, better decisions to drive profitability and improve operational workflow.
Detailed Shipper Reports – View metrics around freight spend, insight to transactions volumes, carrier performance, shipping accuracy, and on-time delivery percent
Create Custom Business Reports – Highlight the rate of return across customers and other business-critical KPIs
Aggregate Revenue Reports – Actively monitor the health of your business, including revenue and margin data

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