Freight procurement process can be a daunting task that is labor intensive and tedious. It involves a lot of data manipulation and formatting, emails/phone calls back and forth with logistics partners. You do your best to forecast your lane volumes, maintain good relationships with your carriers and be prepared for the problems inherent in today’s environment of limited carrier capacity.

Too often though, so much time is spent on the mechanics of the process that you can’t perform bids as frequently as you might want to. With MercuryProcure, you effectively procure and manage both long-term contracts and spot rates – all while keeping your eye on the market to be sure you’re in a good negotiating position no matter what.


Eliminate repetitive manual work and streamline document creation, bid generation, bid response normalization and contract creation. Realize the true potential of the team to maintain carrier relationships and secure capacity at the best rates when needed.


Perform lane-by-lane analysis and evaluate bid responses holistically leveraging real life shipment data. Rank carriers based on pre-defined criteria and compare with market benchmarks. Post contract award, monitor compliance of execution with contracts and ensure things go according to plan.


Consolidate and work with different business units to forecast capacity requirements and combine volumes to negotiate better rates with carriers. Carry out iterative bids with carriers to fine tune rates. Leverage carrier portals to enable active participation from carrier community.


Leverage what if simulation to evaluate lanes, pool points, cross docking and impact of different modes on total transportation spend. Analyze bid responses with actual shipment data from your TMS. Evaluate carrier bids to identify least cost provider, carrier mix and mode.

Reap the value of a scalable and repeatable process and focus your energies on relationship building.

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  • Improve personnel productivity and accelerate RFP process
  • Negotiate competitive rates with carriers
  • Focus on carrier relationship management
  • Monitor execution compliance to contracts

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