MercuryProcure Capabilities Why you want them…
Rate any mode MercuryProcure uses a full featured rate engine and flexible rate table format to allow rating for any mod
Automatically aggregate lanes from historical shipments Use TMS data or imported shipments to create lanes that are reflective of true shipment volumes to give the carriers the best information on the freight characteristic
Create and apply benchmark data for lanes Check to see how you did against historical costs by calculating benchmark data and viewing it next to the carrier’s responses.
Analysis based on real shipment Use shipment data to calculate accurate cost on historical lanes (or forecasts) using the carrier bids. Shows you what your costs would be using the new bid rates
Create TMS contracts from awards   Save time by creating TMS carrier contracts based on lane awards
Support for Multiple Bid Rounds There’s a lot of back-and-forth in negotiations. If you want to track that you can do it effectively with multiple rounds.
Populate target rates You might want to show target rates to carriers or just populate them for your own comparisons. Use lane averages benchmarks uplifts RateFriend data etc to calculate your targets
Flexible capacity entry Allow carriers to indicate capacity not just at the lane level but based on origin point and overall customer capacity. That way you don’t overestimate carrier commitments based on awarding multiple lanes out of the same area to the same carrier.
Email Templates Email templates allow you to save frequently used emails to save time over multiple bids
Solve Bid Issues Potential problems with the bid are tracked behind the scenes to make sure everything happens as it should.
Test Data Quality Find review and fix data issues before they become a problem.
Create Customizable Rate Tables Rate tables that go out to carriers can be customized to include any fields in any order that you choose to make it easy for the carriers to respond.

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