Unisource Worldwide is a multi-billion dollar distributor of printing paper, packaging equipment and facility maintenance supplies. Unisource launched ULS, a logistics division, in 2008 and a truckload brokerage division in 2011. The truckload division has increased revenue 100% each year since its inception. Full Story >>

HD Supply

A leading distributor of construction materials and supplies, describes how they rolled out the MercuryGate TMS across eight lines of business and 648 locations. The approach they took and the challenges they faced are described in this video featuring the company’s Logistics Manager. Watch Video >>


CytoSport, the makers of MuscleMilk, needed a TMS that keep up with their rapid growth and found over $2 Million in savings in the first year alone. Route optimization, integration, and a new carrier bid process are credited for this company’s results. Full Story >>

Siemens Power Generation

Siemens Energy, Inc. uses MercuryGate TMS to implement e-bid and link to their SAP ERP system to deliver a number of process enhancements. Full Story >>


Chatsworth Product, Inc.

Structural support manufacturer uses MercuryGate to reduce 21-step shipping process to 4 steps and implement a new logistics/transportation strategy. The company was able to utilize MercuryGate Mojo technology to provide optimum freight solutions for both transit time and cost and provide customers with innovative delivery solutions. Full Story >>


After a failed attempt to implement a competitor’s TMS, Mohawk loads rates and is managing freight in less than a month from the start of their implementation project. In 3 months they were fully integrated and caught back up on the eight month freight bill backlog. Full Story >>

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