Improving the Procurement Process – Step by Step

Securing the best contract rates from carriers is a critical, time-consuming process. Improve the procurement activity through the use of tools to make better and faster decisions with MercuryBid.

The procurement process typically entails:

  1. Initial Activities
    • Defining lanes in the scope of the bid
    • Selecting participating carriers
    • Creating bid documentation
  2. Main Activities (Response Management)
    • Executing bid requests
    • Tracking responses
    • Responding to questions
    • Analyzing responses
    • Selecting carrier rates by lane
  3. Final Activities
    • Notifying carriers of results
    • Creating contracts
    • Load contracts into the TMS

MercuryBid Simplifies Procurement

Initial Activities

The main MercuryBid screen puts all initial information to get  at your fingertips – organized into these five sections;

  1. General details
  2. Lane selection
  3. Carrier information
  4. Documents
  5. Actions
Figure 1: Main MercuryBid interface with five sections

Bid Execution

Next, MercuryBid executes the bid request, tracks responses, and uses simplified portals to solicit bids from carriers. The list screen portal shows all current bids while the detail portal shows all bid information, document upload & download, and discussion threads.

Figure 2: Two portals used for bid requests

As you receive responses, perform detailed analysis and select the best options by lane. In addition to the MercuryBid analysis interface shown below, you can drag and drop fields into pivot table report rows or columns and extract to Microsoft Excel.

Figure 3: MercuryBid analysis interface showing top five rates for each lane, baseline rates and summary counts

When the analysis is complete, MercuryBid assists in notifying the contract winners and losers while concurrently loading the winning bid details to the TMS as contracts become available for executing shipments.

MercuryBid Basics

MercuryBid is:

  • A desktop application that shares data with MercuryGate TMS
  • Included as part of the MercuryGate TMS

MercuryBid contains:

  • Customizable reports, documents, and templates
  • Updated information via direct connection to the TMS

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