Customer Relationship Management Software for Logistics Companies

As any organization’s most important asset, customers deserve special attention. To nurture valuable relationships, MercuryGate TMS includes CRM for Transportation with built-in customer relationship management functionality. Increase employee productivity, track company-wide customer activity, reduce keystrokes, and solidify customer loyalty by using CRM for Transportation within the cloud-based MercuryGate TMS.

CRM for Transportation can either be integrated with an existing CRM or used as a standalone application at no additional cost. With CRM for Transportation, TMS users gain the advantage of having vital customer facts at their fingertips, including:

  • Call logs detailing who was contacted when,
  • Notices about who needs to be contacted,
  • Lane search capabilities to see desired lanes,.
  • Lead vetting through configured customer approval processes.

These and many other features within CRM for Transportation provide the tool set needed to improve productivity.

Already Have a CRM Tool?  No Problem!

There’s no need to abandon your existing CRM. Established collaborative relationships with many of today’s leading CRM providers mean valuable sales accounts and information stay intact.

Existing CRM’s are automatically updated with all data and events entered in CRM Lite.

More Ways CRM for Transportation Can Help

  • Track leads/prospects/accounts requiring call-backs or other urgent actions
  • Utilize workflow activities to vet and approve new customers
  • Update customer profiles from the dashboard
  •  Capture and reuse information often lost during customer communications
  • Harmonize supply chain processes and improve service experiences
  • Model compositional relationships between data (parent-child/one-to-many relationships)
  • Trigger events: rule-based configurations via workflow
  • Integrate with existing applications – real-time (e.g., web-services) and batch updates (timed import/exports)

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