MyEZClaim™ is a technologically unified Web-based platform composed of several powerful business solutions for the management of your cargo claims. The platform includes software for claims management, robust reporting tool, analysis tools, data management and data storing, making it a one-stop application for any company’s transportation department needs. Moreover, the MyEZClaim™ platform is extremely easy to use, improving your control over claim information, reducing claim processing needs and bringing new efficiency to your cargo claim management process.

MyEZClaim™ platform is built on a cloud-driven platform fueled by fast response times, rich navigational functions, key core fields to capture operating data along with a multitude of work management features.




Organizing Power

MyEZClaim™ integrates the most powerful work management features in the transportation arena. Our newest version was developed with enhanced productivity tools, including an expanded navigational bar which allows you to quickly switch to functions you use frequently. The system has an expanded search function, duplicate audit functions, sorting capabilities, multiple drop-down list boxes and information tabs that make entering claim information easy….and organized.

Entirely Web-Based

The MyEZClaim™ platform and all of its components were designed from the ground up to embrace Internet technology. This technological consistency gives your company a tremendous advantage in implementing and using the solutions, as well as in integrating them with other Web-based software or your legacy TMS software. Best of all, we maintain all components of the application.

Powerful, Scalable, Enterprise-Class Solution

MyEZClaim™ delivers feature-rich claim information that covers the depth and breadth of report and analysis that is critical to effective management and recovery of your cargo claim dollars. With robust web-based ad hoc, managed reporting and analysis solutions, you will see emerging trends on carrier and shipping performance which will be highly useful to both transportation end-users and personnel across the whole enterprise.


Easy to Implement and Use

MyEZClaim™ is easy to implement into your current work processes. We will load all the data record lookup addresses (carriers, shipping locations, customers and claimants) along with your product files. After your training session, creating a claim is as simple as pointing your mouse on the dropdown lookup table, selecting your data and populate the data entry screen.

This comprehensive and powerful system organizes shipment information, creates a cargo claim presentation form, records payments, captures claim activity information, maintains a diary and generates reminder letters based on claim status. Viewing and reporting is easy and intuitive; thanks to our crisp Windows feel that is familiar to most of today’s users.

Designed and architected to be userfriendly, MyEZClaim™ will help carry claim information and all of its benefits wide and deep within your organization.

Features that Keep Your Staff Focused and On Track:

  • Web-based freight claims application generates an industry-accepted form for all shipping modes.
  • System or User assigned claim number that keeps a complete history of all the claim records, transactions, and carrier correspondence.
  • Claims data is stored in a relational database which helps you see emerging trends to take appropriate action quickly.
  • Easy claims data retrieval and repository for updating with carrier communications on claim acknowledgement, payment, rejection and declination.
  • Powerful notes to categorize and filter by claim type, carrier and filing date. Provides detailed management reports for carrier performance reviews.
  • Accounts Recievable update summary report by carrier includes write-off calculations and reports with enhanced accounts receivable documentation and reports.

MercuryGate has formed an alliance with TranSolutions to streamline the freight claims management process utilizing Web Services.

Features and Benefits

Report generation is easy and intuitive. After data parameters have been established, this application delivers powerful detail and management reports in a matter of seconds, allowing you to analyze your cargo claims, carriers and product deliveries from the 150+ fields on the claim screen.

Some of the reports include accounts receivable, detailed reports of claims field, recovered, cash receipts, claims by shipping location, over 80+ reports to choose from.

Impactful visualization tools are available such as graphs and charts, offering a host of useful ways to represent claims data.

Task Management is another feature, which allows you to schedule followup within your User group.

Automated report scheduling and alerts ensure that all decision-makers in your organization receive the right information when they need it…reliably and consistently.

Data security and integrity are some of the cornerstones of our data management philosophy. MyEZClaim™ is SOX compliant and incorporates multiple password control functions to prevent unauthorized access to your data and control over your User base.

Easy data integration with architecture developed for web services allows the application to receive XML documents to extract, transform and load your data from transactional databases and manage your data efficiently and intuitively.

How MyEZClaim™ Can Help Lower Costs and Save Time:

  • Offers “real-world” solutions to work management problems.
  • Tracks claim filing and updates based on carrier corresponding to prevent deadlines from slipping by unnoticed.
  • Shows overdue claims at a glance.
  • Easy-to-use by accounting and shipping clerks alike.
  • Grants your staff the power and ease to work even more efficiently.
  • Generates reminder letters for carriers at 30, 60, 90 and 120 day intervals for claim resolution via email or print. 
  • Provides detailed management reports for carrier performance reviews.
  • Accounts Receivable update summary report by carrier.
  • MyEZClaim has been designed and developed utilizing the latest .Net technology with a database that has been updated to the latest version of SQL.

Now you can offer your company a new method of cost recoveries as freight claims are processed more quickly and easily than ever…

Call us now at 480-473-2453 or email to make MyEZClaim™ work for your business.

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