Automated Shipment Updates

Meet the MacroPoint Load Tracking Solution

Delivering 100% visibility on brokered freight, MacroPoint load tracking software makes it easy for brokers, 3PLs and shippers to quickly gain automated, real-time status updates. The only shipment tracking solution built to work on ANY cell phone, MacroPoint provides instant location insights, even on freight run by 3rd party providers or outside carriers.

Real-time Location Updates for Every Load

Integrating seamlessly with MercuryGate, MacroPoint’s completely automated system offers a long list of features, including:

  • Real-time Tracking Updates: Compatible with both single and multi-stop shipments, MacroPoint delivers third-party validated tracking updates.
  • Off Schedule Dashboard: This 100% automated system provides instant insight into which loads are “on schedule,” “behind schedule,” or “in trouble.”
  • Breadcrumb Mapping: The MacroPoint dashboard will map the exact path a shipment has taken during transit
  • Automated Arrival and Departure Alerts: Featuring geo-fencing, MacroPoint will send updates as shipments are leaving or nearing their origins and destinations.


Load-by-Load Scalability

With no apps to download, no hardware to install and the ability to track any cell phone, MacroPoint creates the instant scalability today’s shippers, brokers, and 3PLs need to match their customers’ ever-evolving tracking requirements.

The Scalable Advantages Of MacroPoint Include:

  • Load-by-Load Deployment: With no contracts and a pay-per-load pricing structure, MacroPoint is ideal for tracking a single shipment or an entire fleet of freight.
  • Rapid Driver Onboarding: Featuring instant, over-the air deployment, new driver onboarding takes just a few seconds.
  • Expanded Pool of Contract Carriers: Instead of just relying on a select pool of contract drivers, any driver with a cell phone can deliver instant, automated tracking updates.

In short, MacroPoint’s load tracking software provides the accurate, automated visibility today’s brokers and 3PLs need to win the trust of their customers.

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