Attend a live demonstration of MercuryGate technology from anywhere. All you need is a browser and Internet access.

One of our product experts will lead you through a demonstration that will show you how robust, flexible, and easy to use MercuryGate products and underlying technology are! In addition, you will see leading edge best practices to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Finally, at the end of the demonstration, you will have the opportunity to ask our product experts any questions you may have.

Email with the title of the demonstration(s) you would like to watch. We will send you instructions to connect and discover powerful solutions built just for companies like yours.

Technology Demonstrations

Accessing the TMS Data Warehouse
There’s power in the data created and stored by the TMS if you know how to get to it and use it. This session will describe multiple ways to access the data warehouse for analysis and reporting. Whether you’re a casual user needing to query history files or a business analyst looking for opportunities for process improvement, you’ll find this session very helpful.

Creating Custom Documents Using Docmosis
Do you know you can easily create and modify your own custom transportation documents? This demo will show you a tool called Docmosis to create templates in MS Word and upload to the TMS for regular use.

MercuryGate Controls for Advanced Users
Learn how the MercuryGate TMS is customized to meet every client’s unique requirements. We’ll discuss and demonstrate how to configure the interface, design a custom business process and integrate with other systems. You’ll be introduced to the Dynamic Rules Engine Workbook and its easy-to-use interface for step-by-step instructions to create complex workflows.

MercuryGate Data Portals
Where is my file? Has loading performance degraded? What happened to my scheduled report extract? Don’t panic! Believe it or not, insights into all of these questions are readily available to you right now. In this presentation we’ll demonstrate how to be the boss of our built in instrumentation logging to gain powerful insights into these common questions and review best practices for scheduled report extracts. In addition to this we’ll reveal how DataOps can help you prioritize the flow of data to get the most efficient load process in place.

MercuryGate Hosting Services and Monitoring
Ever wondered just what exactly is MercuryGate’s SaaS Cloud built upon? We’ll review what our stack is comprised of and what is used to service every application click and call you make. Included in this session will be an overview of our data centers and managed monitoring tools that keep close watch on a range of enterprise elements from servers, databases, network, and storage subsystems.

Web Services Integration
In this session, you will be given a detailed introduction to using the TMS Developer API and will also learn the important differences between internal and external web services. MercuryGate can interface with external systems via web services calls. On the flip side, other systems can also invoke features from MercuryGate via web services calls. A routine example of an external system invoking MercuryGate services is for rating.

3rd Party Enabled Technology

Document Scanning Solutions from Pegasus
Go paperless and improve operating efficiency, speed cash flow, increase profit and drive consistent results by creating images, electronic forms and Workflow Solutions. TRANSFLO, an integrated solution from Pegasus provides document management and electronic workflow solutions.

Integrated Shipment Visibility Using FourKites
FourKites, with permission of trucking companies, integrates the location data from telematics servers with weather and traffic information to create actionable insights for MercuryGate customers. Learn how to access the tracking platform to receive real-time location information, ETAs and alerts as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Integrated HubTran Streamlines Back Office Processes
Transportation companies have learned to live with back-office frustration and inefficiency. Now you don’t have to. HubTran will get your back office moving like never before, with less effort and lower cost than you ever imagined.

  • Fully automates payables
  • Tags and groups incoming documents
  • Streamlines exception handling
  • Offers a complete document management system
  • Automatically retrieves documents and information from trading partner websites
  • Fully integrated with MercuryGate TMS

HubTran offers an affordable way to completely streamline your back office. Learn how HubTran can reduce your payables work by 80%, eliminate errors and data entry, improve carrier relations and slash inbound calls to A/P.

Manage Freight Claims with MyEZClaim
A fully integrated freight claims process has long been a part of the MercuryGate TMS solution using Transolution’s popular MyEZClaim web based service. Learn how to utilize this powerful tool to track and manage claims with optimal efficiency.

Mileage Determination using PC*MILER
ALK Technologies will demo their core product offerings that are enabled through the MercuryGate TMS. Members of ALK’s team will be available to answer your questions about their products and current features and functionalities.

Plan Air Shipments Using Integrated OAG Flight Schedules
If air cargo is a part of your business, you’ll want to attend this session. Learn how the integration of the OAG air cargo flight schedules with the MercuryGate TMS enables you to select the best available flight for all of your shipments.

Real Time Location Tracking
Learn how to track shipments in real time using mobile devices in the vehicles carrying your shipments. MercuryGate Partner, MacroPoint, will show their integrated solution for tracking shipments.

Customer Management
In this demo, we will show the TMS’s CRM for Transportation features that can be used standalone or linked to external CRM applications. Ensure proper vetting of all sales leads and log the details of who was contacted and who needs to be contacted.

MercuryGate Integration for Rapid Deployment
The faster the TMS is available and integrated with your other systems, the faster you’ll be saving money. This session will show you how the MercuryGate Integration Team facilitates seamless data sharing by connecting your existing systems with the TMS.

The Power of Carma and RMIS Carrier Insurance Monitoring
You might already know how useful Carma is for onboarding carriers and managing carrier information but did you know you can connect to 3rd party data sources? In this demonstration, we’ll introduce you to the most widely used carrier insurance monitoring service and show you how to include insurance data for carrier compliance using Carma and RMIS.

Plan Air Shipments Using Integrated OAG Flight Schedules
If air cargo is a part of your business, you’ll want to attend this session. Learn how the integration of the OAG air cargo flight schedules with the MercuryGate TMS enables you to select the best available flight for all of your shipments.

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