Rapidly On Board New Customers and Enter Loads

The first challenge every freight broker faces is on boarding new customers and entering their loads into the system. If this can be done quickly and effectively it frees up the team to start to work on covering those loads. MercuryGate TMS delivers rapid on boarding and data loading using templates and integration with other systems.

Locate Capacity

Finding trucks to cover the loads is the broker’s next challenge. With so many options available, how can you be sure you’re finding the best available carrier at the best available rate? MercuryGate TMS delivers instant access to all known negotiated rates with the carriers you trust and to public sources that offer the potential of new options. Or, you can off

Validate Carriers & Rates

June 11th – 17th

Finding available capacity is just part of the solution. Now you have to be sure each carrier meets your company’s stringent requirements and that their rates will result in acceptable margins. All this has to be done fast too. There’s no time to waste.

MercuryGate TMS carrier management delivers a process to collect and verify the credentials about every carrier – before you offer them a load. For known carriers, all the information about their insurance coverage, credentials, safety ratings, fleet capacity, and drivers is immediately available so you can be certain you’ve matched a capable carrier to your client’s load.

To make sure your margins are protected, MercuryGate TMS allows you to search historical data for what you’ve paid, and what the industry is paying for similar loads on similar lanes. Then, send quote requests or set up a bid process with the carriers you trust. You can even allow your customers to look up rates, book and track their shipments from your website that’s connected to the TMS.

Tender & Track Loads

Executing loads and collecting accurate status information is a big challenge for all brokers, especially those with high volumes. There’s a lot of information to be shared between the carrier to the broker and then to the client. Without the help of the MercuryGate TMS, there’s the possibility that information will be lost or miss-communicated resulting in customer dissatisfaction and eroding margins.

The MercuryGate TMS facilitates collaboration using the method preferred by each carrier and client. While some carriers prefer to exchange information using EDI transactions, others elect to use email or the web portals provided by the TMS. Clients can also use the same methods to enter information about their shipments and to track their progress through to delivery.

Settlement & Analytics

The accounting functions are always a challenge for brokers. Reconciling carrier invoices to loads and then correctly invoicing clients is difficult without a comprehensive TMS to keep track of all the activity. Carrier invoices with errors have to be caught early in the process and customer invoices have to accurately reflect the service and agreed upon price. If they don’t, clients know they have options and they’ll look for one the next time.

MercuryGate TMS delivers all the necessary tools to ensure carriers are being paid correctly and on time. Cash advances are also an option for those carriers who request them. On the customer side, the TMS collects all the necessary billing data and presents it to the client in the way they want to see it. The TMS will even track multiple commissions to your in house sales team and agents. Of course, all this information is shared with your accounting application so your books are always in sync with your TMS.

Built as a data warehouse, the robust data warehouse capabilities of MercuryGate TMS gather and maintain all transactional data and user interaction in your transportation network. It is stored and made available for analysis by MercuryEdge, the most powerful analytics application available today for transportation related data. MercuryEdge has immediate access to every field in the TMS and can also import data from outside sources (e.g. accounting systems) giving you a comprehensive and complete view of your brokerage services. Measure carrier KPIs, perform complete lane analysis, simulate network changes and capture total landed costs within a single, intuitive application.

Manage Workflow with ezClick

The process of entering a load to settlement requires careful attention to make sure nothing is missed and no errors are made along the way. And then there’s the element of time. Clients require the process to happen quickly and completely.

Brokers that use MercuryGate TMS have a secret weapon called ezClick – a customizable workflow architecture that minimizes manual steps and human errors. Users click the “Blue Button” to advance from step to step of the predefined process. Quotes move from one dashboard window to another based on their status in the customized process flow. Each activity is monitored based on rules and configurations, enabling a truly customizable system for each client. Based on team assignment, customer needs, and process enforcement, each quote moves through a process that ensures all customer and business requirements are adhered to.


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