MercuryGate Launches Industry-First Offering Combining Fleet and Freight Management

MercuryGate Launches Industry-First Offering Combining Fleet and Freight Management;

MercuryFleet Empowers Customers to Manages Drivers, Equipment, and Operations Using One Platform

CARY, N.C. – MercuryGate International, Inc., a leader in Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions announced today the launch of MercuryFleet, an innovative product designed to combine fleet and freight management for all modes of transportation in one platform. The technology makes it easy to proactively manage drivers, equipment, and operations with one tool, enabling more informed decisions, streamlining processes, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

“The MercuryFleet solution is unique in that it allows customers to not only manage drivers, equipment, and operations using one platform, but to also optimize across all modes of transportation, and to make informed decisions regarding whether a specific shipment should move via their private fleet or a carrier,” said Todd Bucher, Vice President, Fleet, MercuryGate International, Inc.


MercuryFleet also drives administrative efficiency by replacing disparate systems with one platform. Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM, a supply chain analyst firm, notes that there is a real need for integrated planning and execution in transportation management.

“The name of the game is to utilize your assets as efficiently as possible, which requires a holistic view of information,” said Gonzalez. He explains that working in silos or with systems that are not integrated can lead to redundancy, rework, and even customer service issues.

“There are many problems associated with disconnected systems or using spreadsheets to manage data, but the worst scenario is that a company has a service failure to a customer because they did not have full and current knowledge of every aspect of their operation, including drivers and equipment,” said Bucher.

MercuryFleet also assists companies in maintaining compliance with all regulatory requirements. The solution uses the algorithms and logic used in the Driver Safety Management System, the system used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to calculate measures and percentiles for each driver, allowing managers to proactively analyze driver performance and predict CSA scores.

“With ongoing changes and complexity in both driver and equipment regulations and increased demands to improve service while reducing transportation costs, supply chain managers need solutions designed to address all of their needs proactively and quickly,” said Bucher.

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