Feb 23

The transportation industry continues to move towards more technology-based platforms driven by a need for concise data aggregation. Real-time visibility and stronger automated processes are transforming how the industry once did business and its impact continues to penetrate small and large businesses alike.

Transportation management systems (TMS) are becoming increasingly sophisticated to keep up with today’s demand for data-driven results. Through 2017 and beyond, shippers and carriers will continue to lean on the TMS and transportation software providers to help provide them with increased visibility and to implement platforms that will reduce costs and resources.

Industry leaders share best practices to TMS integration

Despite the high urgency for more technology within the supply chain, most businesses are still trying to drive the point home internally that the budget and time required to set up a TMS will return a high ROI upon implementation. Boardroom road blocks are keeping some companies from moving forward to fully integrate innovative software that will move their business into the right direction.

Jim Hendrickson, Professor, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, tackled this dichotomy head on in his research report, “Primary Research in Evaluating the Business Case and Approval Process for Supply Chain Execution Systems Acquisition”. Jim interview more than 40 industry leaders who went through the process to successfully integrate a TMS into their supply chain. Download your free copy today.

The report provides valuable insights into how leaders are evaluating, developing, presenting then winning the business case argument to integrate a TMS into their network.

Now is the time for more automation, better data, faster results

Supply chain managers seeking a transportation management system are in the right place at the right time. Shippers and carriers will continue to lean on providers in 2017 as the tech leaders. Both parties, along with receivers, will look to smart logistics providers to tie seamless TMSs together with onboard tracking platforms and inventory management.