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Mölnlycke Gains Efficiency and Collaboration in Its Transportation Network

Mölnlycke, a global medical products and solutions company, needed a way to manage a vast global logistics footprint. A solution was needed that would enable it to unify all operations and address challenges associated with disjointed operations.
Our flexible TMS was able to deliver on Mölnlycke’s requirements. Our platform combined ease of use, advanced global capabilities, and onboarding processes that transcended Mölnlycke’s partners’ expectations.
The benefits of our TMS have been felt throughout its transportation network, particularly in the management of carriers and the delivery of timely reporting for internal management.
“ The MercuryGate team worked with us every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation that will continue to benefit the company and the healthcare providers and thousands of patients they serve.”
— Daniel Ekvall, Global TMS Development Manager
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