2019 Future of Delivery Essay Contest

Cloud-based TMS software provides tools needed to achieve transportation optimization

The Future of Global Trade and the Role of Transportation Management Technology

How Will You Prepare for the Future of Global Trade?
As strategic planners in the logistics industry, how will you solve the future challenges of global trade? While we manage through today’s complex issues of protectionism, tariffs, and other barriers to global trade, how can we plan for tomorrow? That’s the core issue we are looking to address with the 2019 Future of Delivery Essay Contest.
Students: We Want to Hear from You!
MercuryGate is inviting all undergraduate and graduate-level students at a MercuryUniversity Collegiate Program Participant School to enter the contest. These students represent the next generation of talent, and they bring a fresh perspective to how we might re-shape the future of transportation. So, if you are majoring in business, supply chain, or logistics, you are invited to enter the contest. MercuryGate will give $2,000 to the student who writes the winning essay, and $1,000 to the runner up.
While the challenges of trade are complex, the rules for the essay contest are simple. Write a 1,500 to 2,000-word essay that addresses the topic. The essay has to be an original, unpublished work, and it has to be submitted on or before April 1.
Progress Begins with the Promise of Tomorrow
The topic for this year’s essay contest is “The Future of Global Trade and the Role of Transportation Management Technology.” That means participants should be looking forward. They need to analyze the forces and technological shifts that will impact supply chain, logistics, and/or transportation fields. Specifically, we want these students to project and propose ideas for how transportation management systems could evolve to meet the changing demands of global trade. We’ve seen TMSs make a huge leap forward in the past decade. What will we see in the next decade?

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Today, more than 20 institutions across North America are using MercuryGate transportation management software in the classroom. This program gives students the unique opportunity to learn an essential technology they will need for their careers. MercuryUniversity Collegiate Program is free to join and available to all accredited institutions of higher learning and their affiliates. The program is fully managed through MercuryGate. Click here for more information on MercuryUniversity.

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