The Benefits of Creating a TMS Company Vendor Scorecard in your Buying Journey

The Benefits of Creating a TMS Company Vendor Scorecard in your Buying Journey

With the growing shift toward a global market and network, digital platforms and foundations, and mobile communication tools, finding the right TMS company remains essential. A robust transportation management system (TMS) has stayed critical for continued growth and development within today’s supply chain network, reports Inbound Logistics. There remains a lot to keep track of when comparing the pros and cons of working with any particular vendor. A TMS company vendor scorecard can help management track everything and stay organized and focused during the search for a TMS.

What is a TMS Company Scorecard? Why Should You Develop One and Use it?

An easy way to think of the scorecard setup is like a report card from school. Key features, services, and benefits get added to the card as needs and essential drawbacks and concerns that should be noted. With these points in hand and fresh in their mind, managers can more easily review TMS company vendors and compare services, costs, profits, and goal alignments. This setup can help keep the process organized, while also providing a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of every transportation vendor being considered.

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Gain Insight into Vendor Pros and Cons With an Updated Scorecard

Instead of keeping track of everything mentally or by using an outdated paper and pencil method, a virtual TMS company scorecard makes the selection process and communication easier. Notes can be made and updated as needed in real-time with a digital scorecard setup. Lists of pros and cons can quickly get compared between vendors and providers. Having a way to compare pros and cons promptly represents an invaluable tool for freight and transportation management. The ability to keep real-time review notes on providers remains a huge benefit when looking for a new vendor partnership. Scorecards can help encourage communication between team members and make it easier to have everyone on the same page and maintain access to the same data and information. Juggling multiple TMS company reviews can present a challenge, but it becomes a much more streamlined process with the scorecard system in place.

Benefits of Using a Scorecard While Shopping for TMS Vendors Services

There are several key benefits that logistics managers and supply chain supervisors can gain from using this TMS company scorecard. They include the following:

  1. It gets easier to review past bids from vendors, compare offers, and adjust reviews as needed.
  2. Faster time to review shortlists of pros and cons and aid in creating a shortlist of vendors.
  3. Identification of which vendors offer specific services and features the company needs to secure.
  4. Keeping stakeholders informed allows for fast and easy sharing of data and status updates.
  5. Avoiding surprises when tracking budgeting and profits versus losses for new selection/onboarding.
  6. Faster collaboration while keeping the team focused on the same goal and result.
The best TMS company vendor scorecard setup will be customized to fit the individual network’s specific wants, needs, and goals.

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A virtual TMS company scorecard makes everything more accessible when the time comes to find a vendor to help improve supply chain network functionality. With this kind of scorecard system in place, the entire process of finding the right transportation management system provider becomes much more streamlined. A TMS vendor can make or break the supply chain network. Make the right choice and protect the foundation of the supply chain with a strong TMS vendor partnership.

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