Digital Freight Network Benefits from TMS Integration

Benefits of digital freight networks & tms integration

New digital freight network benefits give consumers reliable access to a robust network of thousands of pre-onboarded carriers and freight managers. Easy access to on-demand digital freight brokerage and freight matching services enables shippers to find and secure capacity, even in the most challenging markets.

From last-minute orders and emergency shipments to specialty freight and standard cargo handling, digital freight companies make it easier for shippers and carriers to find each other. It is easier to plan for capacity and connect with networking partners when and where you need it in a digital freight marketplace.

How Digital Freight Companies Benefit Shippers

Supply chain optimization relies on collaboration and transportation management platforms. And in turn, transportation management software and tools make it easier to manage freight loads and monitor shipments.

Digital tools and integrated platforms streamline and simplify the work for freight management. However, many shippers and transportation management teams resisted and overlooked digital freight networks and automated systems. Current market trends made technology a necessity.

“The pandemic sped up the rollout of these plans,” Matthew Waller, dean of the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, told CCJ Digital. The expedited rollout caused what he describes as “forced experiments” with technology.”

As a result, grocers changed how most produce was handled and packaged for consumers. Many local retailers shifted focus and offered delivery and curbside pickup options. And restaurants switched almost immediately to a more remote and online ordering and delivery platform. All of this – and more – moved the transportation and logistics industry in many different directions.

The need for reliable freight matching services and access to digital freight companies dominate early supply chain network evolutions. And this trend is not likely to change.

How Digital Freight Brokerages Make it Easy for Shippers

In the hands of digital freight brokerage providers, transportation management software makes it easier for shippers to protect profits, reduce costs, and offer customer-compatible rates.

Planning for capacity requires transportation management to adjust based on current trends and market support. Digital freight matching helps increase overall value for shippers by making it easier for them to integrate the appropriate software platforms. Obtaining capacity and securing better freight and shipping rates is easier thanks to the collaboration with TMS and other digital freight network platforms and digital freight companies.

Visibility and efficiency within logistics platforms make network integration much more accessible and manageable.

Additional Digital Freight Network  Benefits from Tech Stack Integration

Integrating with a digital transportation management platform makes it easier for shippers and carriers to collaborate to keep capacity levels high, rates fair, and profits mutually beneficial.

Automated freight organization, control towers, and freight matching tech stack integration bring additional benefits:

  • Complete transparency into current capacity issues, needs, and costs.
  • Easy-to-use systems that are easily scaled for any specific market needs.
  • Centralized data systems can be adjusted as needed to secure capacity.
  • Easier access to reliable data gives shippers and carriers better capacity opportunities.
  • Customizable details to improve freight shipping and management.
  • Predictive ETAs keep all team members and customers on the same page.
Working with a partner who provides digital freight brokerage services makes it easier for all team members to access capacity while reducing time and money wasted on mundane manual processes.

Calculate your potential Saving While Using an enterprise TMS

Tap the Potential of Digital Freight With MercuryGate

Shippers and carriers alike benefit from innovative tools and platforms and transportation management software. Access to personalized services delivered by quickly accessible digital freight brokerage services providers makes digital freight matching more effective.

That means it is easier for shippers to find and secure capacity, even in the most challenging and volatile markets. And it is even easier to plan for capacity, gain services from digital freight companies, and collaborate with partners on a digital transportation management platform.

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