Buying TMS Optimization: Aligning Requirements to Supplier Selection

Buying TMS Optimization: Aligning Requirements to Supplier Selection

Transportation management system (TMS) optimization remains a hot topic today for freight management professionals within the supply chain industry. Finding the right supplier and the right partnership can have a huge ripple effect throughout the entire supply chain. Management must look differently at how partnerships get formed and what suppliers the company decides to select. Additionally, transportation leaders must be able to define supply chain business goals — both short-term and long-term — how to best accomplish them, and monitor progress closely every step of the way. Each TMS optimization plan offers unique solutions that can help address critical problems and execute the solutions effectively.

Benchmark Current Systems to Create a Needs List for the Network

Project teams often struggle when it comes to securing the right partnership with a TMS optimization plan supplier. It will remain essential to benchmark shipper goals and processes to make an up-to-date list of desired goals, milestones, and actionable steps. Knowing where the focus lies and where sights get set will make it easier for management to select the best-suited supplier. Checking off wants and needs will keep everyone on the same page and ensure supplier services meet expectations of the business. A clear set of TMS optimization goals becomes necessary for this very reason. And the best way to approach that rests in asking the right questions about your current systems:

Calculate your potential Saving While Using an enterprise TMS

Taken together and in the context of buying TMS optimization, it’s easy to see how problem identification of your current systems translates into the requirements for a new platform.

Determine Which Suppliers Meet Those Requirements and Focus Attention on Them

At the heart of TMS supplier procurement lies the request for proposal (RFP). While RFPs remain essential, they need to be thought of in a new and updated light for the modern supply chain. Most of the wants and needs that can be met with a TMS optimization plan cannot simply be summarized with a checklist of items and services. Too much complexity and too many variables exist to rely only on a checklist. Finding the right supplier comes down to aligning wants and needs with supplier offerings. That remains the ultimate goal of a supply chain TMS optimization partnership.

Think About Future Growth and TMS Needs That May Arise In the Short-Term and Long-Term

TMS optimization and alignment with your needs are critical as they can either make or break your profit margins and company growth. Short-term as well as long-term market trends should be taken into account when forming a transportation management game plan. According to 3PL Perspectives, “Understanding what features to expect from a TMS is important; understanding how different TMS systems execute on those features is a game-changer. Experienced TMS buyers know that checking the box on an RFP doesn’t actually mean the feature will work for their operations. You need to understand how a feature works.” Combining form and function with TMS optimization goals will help ensure success within the supply chain network.

Align Your TMS Optimization Plan With the Help of an All-Encompassing and Innovative TMS Vendor Relationship

Transportation management systems remain a powerful tool for supply chain management and logistics administrators. Finding the right supplier is all about matching suppliers with shippers in a mutually beneficial relationship. Joining forces with a TMS provider remains the best way to protect the future of the supply chain network. Optimization and innovation can make all the difference in the world for supply chain networks within any niche market.

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