Choosing a Final Mile Carrier: What to Consider

Choosing A Final Mile Carrier - What To Consider

There is little argument needed to convince shippers today that consumer buying behaviors have changed, and the industry focus has shifted to final mile carrier services.

Between the growing popularity of e-commerce and the continual impact of global pandemic, today’s consumers expect and often demand fast and affordable shipping – preferably free and next day. 

To stay competitive, companies have to change up their shipping options and services to maximize the last mile delivery process. Working with professional last mile logistics service providers can help improve overall functionality and profitability.

What Is the Final Mile Problem?

An efficient final mile delivery process often becomes a crucial part of keeping customers happy. The final mile carrier problem is that while customers look for fast and free shipping, service often becomes the hardest and most costly. 

According to Business Insider, end mile shipping can comprise more than half of a shipment’s total expenditure. Companies often end up simply eating up to 25% of that cost themselves, but that number continues to climb year after year. 

As supply chain inefficiencies add more expenses to daily operations, shipping takes a more significant chunk out of profit margins. Thanks to the nature of e-commerce and the number of competitors out there, providers cannot afford to let customers go elsewhere simply because of poor shipping choices and services. This environment makes it critical for final mile carrier partnerships to embrace effectiveness and innovation.

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What to Look For in a Final Mile Carrier to Ensure a Strong Collaborative Partnership

When the focus shifts to final mile shipping assistance, some key features are considered when forming these collaborative partnerships. Some of these final mile carrier features include the following:

By ensuring final mile delivery and customer-focus provisions, shippers can keep customers satisfied and maintain the competitive advantage for peak and lull seasons.

Ask the Right Questions to Avoid Disruptions and Issues Down the Road With Final Mile Carriers

Choosing a suitable carrier to carry the heavy responsibility of last mile shipping cannot be taken lightly. Asking the right questions can help ensure the right provider is brought onboard. A few key questions to ask can include the following:

A host of personalized questions can also be asked to ensure a last mile carrier meets any shipping provider’s specific wants and needs.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction: Pre-Onboarded Final Mile Carriers

Finding the proper final mile carrier with the best services can ensure customer needs get met and expectations exceeded time and time again. Pairing powerful TMS platforms with state-of-the-art technological services can help set shippers up for continued growth and success in any market.

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