Cold Storage Transport Claims: The Impact on Vaccine Distribution

Cold Storage Transport Claims

With the development of COVID-19 vaccines, many shippers find themselves tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of providing the cold storage transport necessary for the delivery of these vaccines. Evidence regarding cold chain transport suggests that the current systems in place cannot support the sheer volume of vaccines set to be distributed worldwide within the coming months. However, the right transportation management system (TMS) can help companies prepare for future events comparable to the sudden surge experienced today. The potential for disaster with regards to vaccine distribution is abundant and, because of this, it is imperative that shippers and logistic service providers (LSPs) work together to ensure that the process of cold storage transport is successful.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Challenges for the Cold Storage Transport Network and Claims Processing

Several challenges arise from the task of cold storage transport for the vaccines. One of the greatest concerns pertains to the extremely low temperatures required for storage of the vaccines. According to Fortune, many of the approved vaccines for COVID-19 require cold storage temperatures at “minus 70 degrees.” Many poorer countries are highly stressed with the potential of destroyed vaccines due to their inability to appropriately handle and ship the vaccines. Extreme temperatures such as these present the frightening challenge of ensuring the vaccines maintain this extreme cold until the moment they are utilized. Faulty shipping claims increases the risk that millions of vaccines could be ruined during transport. Should the TMS fail to mitigate issues with cold storage transport of the vaccines, the potential for these vaccines to result in ruin or degradation could very likely lead to more lives lost. Shippers and LSPs need to strive for successful optimization of their supply chains and cold storage systems so that these claims are kept to a bare minimum.

Cold Storage Transport Requires Planning and End-to-End Transparency

The challenges that exist with successful cold transport demand end-to-end transparency between shippers and LSPs when utilizing their TMS and warehouse management systems (WMS). The limitations of TMS and WMS must be considered in order to ensure that these vaccines are delivered safely and quickly. Shippers and LSPs seek to mitigate issues with shipping claims at all times, but the urgency of cold storage transport for the vaccines make these claims all the more disastrous. Preventative measures for COVID-19, from social distancing to vaccines, have proven that the best way to tackle the challenges presented by the virus requires careful planning and open communication.

Tips to Increase Throughput Despite Vaccine Distribution Challenges

The challenges presented by cold storage transport require dutiful attention to detail, and shippers need to know how to approach these challenges. Once prepared with the knowledge to take on these challenges, an enterprise can maximize cold chain throughput. Of course, the implementation of a new distribution strategy is not a small task. For that reason, shippers should follow these tips to increase throughput despite the challenges:

  1. Connect the supply chain with EDI and API technologies.

  2. Increase end-to-end transparency with automated alerts and shipping exception notifications.

  3. Properly package materials regardless of whether a vaccine or foods.

  4. Load the trailer properly.

  5. Utilize innovative technology to monitor internal storage temperatures.

Lower Transport Claims and Maximize Throughput With the Right TMS in Your Enterprise

The vaccine distribution challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic are a new burden in supply chain management, and unlike any other distribution in history, failures could cost much more than menial cold storage claims. Partnering with a successful TMS vendor results in fewer transport claims and increases throughput for cold storage transport. The award-winning platform available at MercuryGate provides the tools and assistance necessary to meet these challenges head-on.

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