Crafting Your First TMS RFP? Here’s Where You Start

Crafting Your First TMS RFP? Here's Where You Start

Understanding the ins and outs of how your company operates remains a primary focus for managers. A robust transportation management system (TMS) enhances all transportation needs, but it begins with knowing when to send out requests for proposal (RFP). The best place to start improving the supply chain network is focusing on renewed TMS RFP processes

Before deciding on specific TMS platforms to review, a basic knowledge of logistics operations is still essential. From there, specific requirements can be tailored as needed to meet the unique needs and goals of your business. 

Here are a few steps to help you get started with your first RFP for a transportation management system. For more support, be sure to read our blog with TMS RFP questions to ask.

Send Your TMS RFP to Vendors With Experience and a Proven Track Record

Understanding the need for TMS RFP remains an integral part of platform management. An efficient RFP process ensures the best platform is developed and implemented. Knowing the supply chain network’s needs and goals helps reign in the focus. Making use of automation and modern technology is essential for any management team.

It’s vital to consider whether the system offers leading technologies during the TMS RFP process. For instance, the best-designed TMS will benefit significantly from data analysis, automation, and improved efficiency. Knowledge is power, and for supply chain managers, power is knowing how to maximize profits. Using big data, innovations, and automation can put control back in managers’ hands.

Set Clear RFP Goals and Expectations for the TMS Vendor’s Response

Developing a solid TMS RFP makes it easier to eliminate unsuitable transportation service options. When it comes to fine-tuning day-to-day logistics operations, accurate and up-to-date goals make it obvious when systems and processes are not performing as expected. 

Deviations and disruptions can appear out of nowhere, but they often have warning signs that precede them. Experienced vendors make it possible to stay on top of the data and processes from start to finish. 

A TMS RFP protocol and a reliable vendor can also reduce costs and wasted resources and assets. Keeping everyone on the same page and focused on the same expectations help ensure greater success rates and faster ROI.

Calculate your potential ROI Using a TMS

Skip It All: choose MercuryGate as Your First TMS RFP Recipient

All of this can become overwhelming and intimidating. Thankfully, some options make it all easier for managers.

Partnering with vendors who bring years of training, experience, and insight makes maximizing ROI simple and straightforward. They can make it easier to navigate the red tape, paperwork, and protocols involved with successful proposal acquisition. The secret to an effective TMS RFP is a partnership with vendors who can provide experience and insight.

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