Customer Service in Logistics: Are You Meeting Customer Expectations with Your Shipping?

Customer Service in Logistics

Many working parts come together to create the best shipping experience and customer service in logistics. 

For logistics and shipping managers, this focus on keeping customer wants and needs front and center can be very complex. Many management personnel typically focus on more traditional metrics when trying to gauge customer satisfaction. However, the supply chain can have a tremendous impact on how satisfied customers are in the end. 

It is worth taking a step back and seriously looking at how customer expectations are being met or missed with current shipping trends and offerings. It can have a direct impact on how management can provide the best customer service in logistics.

How E-commerce Changed the Landscape of Service in Logistics

E-commerce has brought a level of convenience and personalization that customers love and now come to expect. On the flip side, it has changed the landscape of shipping logistics and brought with it a whole new set of challenges. 

According to, “E-commerce transactions require greater agility and flexibility than brick-and-mortar purchases, and delivering products on time and at a low cost requires the supply chain to examine allocation and order management processes.” 

Old and outdated methods cannot keep up with today’s shipping channels’ industry and customer demands. As customers embraced mobile ordering, online shopping, enhanced data intelligence, and digital communications, it required shipping providers to offer services that keep up with these demands. That is what keeps customer service in logistics as high as possible.

Meeting The Triad of Normal Customer Service and Shipping Demands

Due to the digital day and age, three primary services have come to be expected and demanded from most customers. 

The best way to secure high marks for customer service in logistics is to meet these three criteria within the transportation management system:

  • Shipping cost – usually required to be free or at a significantly discounted rate.
  • Shipping speed – next day if not same day whenever possible.
  • Shipping accuracy – deliveries made to the right place, at the right time, on the right day.

For most customers today, these three demands are the bare minimum that they expect from logistics and shipping services. If shippers cannot meet one of these demands, then the provider must work extra hard to ensure the other two needs are met. 

Keeping customers happy by providing the best services possible is what managers must focus on for customer service in logistics.

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How a Transportation Management System Improves Customer Service in Logistics

Embracing technology is one of the best things shipping companies can do to improve their reputation in the eyes of their customers. Sometimes a shipment simply takes longer to ship than a customer would like. 

As noted by Forbes, “[modern shopping] increased expectations, ushering in a new era of shipping speed. Remember when five to seven business days was a reasonable window of time for something to ship? Now, waiting a week or more for anything seems intolerable. But there comes the point where the supply chain simply can’t get a package to you any faster.” 

This does not mean that it’s impossible for companies to keep customers content and satisfied, even with longer than next-day delivery services. Embracing modern technology, new automation, a TMS, and enhanced communication options can help boost overall ratings for customer service in logistics, helping to find opportunities to share data, squeeze out inefficiencies and streamline freight transit time.

Boost Customer Experience Easily With the Right Vendor Partnership

Contemporary advancements in shopping and shipping services have significantly altered how most customers shop and make purchases today. 

With more customers utilizing mobile ordering, virtual shopping, and online communication methods, it impacts shippers’ responses and strategies. And keeping an eye on customer service in logistics can be easier with the right partnership in place.

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