Cyber Monday Shipping: What to Know About an Earlier E-Commerce Deal Season

Cyber Monday Shipping | What To Know

As demands have exponentially increased in the wake of the pandemic’s e-commerce buying bump, companies face a need to embrace new technology for scalability. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday loom, tools like RPA-driven exception management are being baked in alongside more traditional “analog” management methods in a bid to keep up. And shippers need to know what to do to keep up with demands for Cyber Monday shipping and the whole e-commerce deal season.

The Challenges of Early Arrival of E-Commerce Deal Season

This increased focus on a date range instead of specific day-driven peaks doesn’t mean, however, that the dates themselves are less critical: merely that the excitement and demand surrounding them will continue both before and after on the calendar. As explained by Supply Chain Game Changer, “The success or failure of the biggest shopping period of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, depends on a lot of things coming together involving all functional areas of your company. Last-minute preparations to work out the kinks on promotions or to make tweaks on your website can continue right up to when the ominous and exhilarating, Black Friday clock strikes midnight.” Without a clear plan in place, problems will result in missed deliveries and significant setbacks for supply chain leaders.
As another example, an inability to know supply chain assets’ status will lead to a failure to secure available capacity in time for the coming season.

Cyber Monday Shipping Is Still Coming

Let’s face facts. Many shippers and retailers grow so consumed with the hassle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shipping that they overlook the other parts of the supply chain. And one thing is clear; the extended peak season will not eliminate the upcoming Cyber Monday shipping spree. It’s all going to continue uninterrupted. And, it’s important to remember that when it comes to long-term efficiencies, it’s the results and speed of your supply and demand chain that matter. That will be crucial to maximizing throughput during all peaks within this unprecedented peak season.

Best Practices to Prepare for Increased Demand Throughout the Upcoming Season

The idea of a supply or demand “chain” is no coincidence: where a thread or rope breaks, a chain relies on the flexibility and strength of many links together to work well. You can maximize the effectiveness of your supply chain by incorporating these seven practices before peaks like cyber Monday shipping can cause issues or delays in your systems:
  1. Let analytics guide decisions. Trust in numbers and analytic reports. Used correctly, data always tells a story supported by concrete facts.

  2. Take advantage of autonomous logistics. While everything does need a human eye to check for anomalies, a zoomed-out view can and should be trusted with automated processes.

  3. Manage by exception. Trust your team and process and resist the urge to micromanage unless there’s enough deviance to warrant notice.

  4. Enable waterfall tendering. Set up a system to allocate to the carrier with the best available combination of capacity, cost, and time.

  5. Streamline communications. Use a global TMS system to send messages, and keep those messages clear, concise, and only sent when absolutely necessary.

  6. Know your inventory across the full supply chain. Incorporate trustworthy real-time inventory data tools whenever possible, and refer to them reflexively.

  7. Re-allocate assets based on demand. Moving equipment and trucks to better manage demand will always be an ideal solution for maximizing throughput during Black November and Cyber Monday Shipping Seasons.

Overcome the Fears of Black November Through Cyber Monday Shipping by Staying in the Know and Using the Right Tech

Cyber Monday shipping is going to look different this year. It is going to require amplification of processes and systems that are already functioning above typical levels. Fortunately, working with a TMS vendor with a global reach and real-time visibility will make all the difference in the world.

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