DSC Logistics: Supporting Retail and Consumer Package Goods on the Frontlines

DSC Logistics Retail Consumer Package Goods

When you’re deemed an essential part of America’s “critical infrastructure” like MercuryGate customer DSC Logistics, now CJ Logistics America, enabling a rapid and resilient supply chain is critical to the response and recovery of the nation and the world at large. It’s not only a matter of moving, shipping and fulfilling orders to deliver goods to the front line, the grocery line and the bottom line, it’s restoring a disrupted supply chain to rapidly and resiliently recover. No easy feat.

A Shippers’ Shock Absorber
“You could say DSC is the shock absorber for our customers,” said DSC Logistics Chief Transportation Officer Ken Heller. “We enable them to address the uncertainties in the supply chain.” That role took on a whole new meaning in March. DSC saw volume demand and uncertainty increase fourfold in a matter of days. “This type of change is rarely seen over months and years; experiencing it over a matter of days and hours reverberated throughout the industry,” said Heller.
What would have been normal operations — demand and supply spikes — now presented major challenges because normal supply chain constraints and complexities were no longer today’s reality. “Prior to the pandemic, the industry — shippers, manufacturers and carriers working in supply chain — were fairly good at setting up models of constraints with adequate lead time and buffers to manage exceptions,” said DSC Logistics Vice President of Transportation Operations Brad Nuffer. “The pandemic changed the meaning, type and way constraints now unfold. Having a robust TMS with a solid business intelligence tool was needed to help understand what happened and drive actionable change for successful operations now and in the future.”
“Doing so without MercuryGate’s TMS would be impossible,” said Nuffer. “They have the right tools and our collaboration has proven successful. Prior to the stay at home orders we had not fully implemented the TMS in every one of our customer networks and we needed to build out a more robust and real-life thread of control tower activities. This work kicked off at the height of the crisis. Working with MercuryGate was great and implementation was incredibly easy.”
Keeping Carriers Rolling
“Every day we saw carriers showing up to pick up loads that could not be fulfilled by warehouses due to temporary closures related to confirmed cases or because volumes had quadrupled,” said DSC Senior Director of Carrier Relationship Management Chris Barkinge. “Utilizing various modules within the TMS was critical to address re-planning, last minute reschedules and reroutes given the constraints for the foreseeable future.”
Supply Chain Automation and Collaboration – Now More than Ever
As companies operationalize virtual offices everywhere, accessing software from virtually anywhere reinforces business continuity and competitiveness, and ensures uninterrupted operations. For MercuryGate customer DSC Logistics it’s essential in support of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Download the DSC Logistics Case Study to Gain More Insight Into How the MercuryGate TMS Helps Build Resiliency and Reliability

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