Enterprise Transportation Management Systems: 5 Steps to Build the Business Case

Enterprise TMS | 5 Steps To Build The Business Case

The concept of enterprise transportation management systems is not new, but it has changed significantly over time. In the past, these systems were generally managed and operated by people who each had specific roles to fill. While the human element matters, having an enterprise system for transportation management is moving increasingly into the realm of automation. But the case for using a TMS in business deserves careful consideration. How should supply chain leaders start? Here is what to look at when building the business case from scratch.

1. Define Critical Business Requirements

Every business has unique requirements. Still, many similarities have to be worked through during deployment. Transportation managers typically have many critical business requirements that need to be met by any enterprise transportation management systems that a company would choose. With literally hundreds of TMS solutions available today, it’s increasingly important to explore which plan is right for your company and how it will impact your workers.
According to a recent article in Forbes, “In recent years, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and increased automation have called into question what the future of work will look like, particularly when it comes to supply chain management.” Businesses may be wondering how the company will be affected, but workers are likely considering the issue on a much more personal level. With that in mind, it is crucial to focus more directly on enterprise transportation management systems and how they can directly meet the company’s needs.

2. Identify Gaps in Current Enterprise Transportation Management Systems

Gaps in a current system are expected, but the goal is to eliminate as many of them as possible. When exploring enterprise transportation management systems, one of the most important steps is to take a look at current gaps and how the proposed system will fill them. It is also vital to consider whether the new system will create holes in other areas, even while filling some of the current ones. The goal is to plug the gaps, not to shift them to another location. The best enterprise transportation management systems reduce as many gaps in the transportation network as possible.

3. Quantify Savings Opportunity

Saving money matters. It is always a concern for businesses. By choosing the right enterprise system, such as one that applies Robotic Process Automation (RPA), for its transportation management needs, businesses can save money and still provide a quality experience to customers and employees. Remember that workers are the backbone of any company. Making sure companies are not saving money at the expense of employees is an integral component of selecting the right enterprise transportation management system.

4. Gain Internal Alignment

Any enterprise transportation management system considered by a company should help to properly align internal processes. That is one of these systems’ goals because any company must be building a more substantial business through this type of system. When a system does not do what the company needs, it fails to provide the expected value. Fortunately, that can be addressed by finding the right solution, not just a different or newer one.

5. Begin the Change Management Process

The process of change management doesn’t have to be complicated. By focusing on what an enterprise transportation management system can offer the business and selecting the one that will most directly meet each company’s needs and customers, transportation managers can begin making real change within the supply chain.

Apply These Steps and Work WIth a Reputable Enterprise Solutions Provider

These steps are only a baseline, and it’s important to realize that the unique business case can adapt to meet changing preferences. If your business is ready to address its enterprise transportation management system and build the business case.

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